How to design a jewelry kiosk to highlight the charm of jewelry?

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Generally speaking, as a high-end display equipment – jewellery display cabinet bears a very important responsibility, just like the green leaves foil safflower, the display cabinet should also be able to foil the exhibits well. In fact, with the increasing demand for the design and production of exhibition cabinets, it is not enough to just reflect the halo of exhibits. More often, we have to promote enterprises according to the design of Van Lu exhibition cabinets. So what is the promotion of good exhibition cabinet design for enterprises?

First of all, a good display cabinet design can give people a good visual image. A unique creative design is very important for a product. It is self-evident that customers want to accept the product in the first time and have a desire to buy under the first impression. Creative upgrading not only plays a visual role, but also plays a role in promoting the image of enterprises. If the exhibition accessories – Exhibition cabinets can make people see, that can not better show the pro-people line of enterprises? In addition, it is also a good brand carrier, doing well naturally becomes a kind of “image endorsement”, which is well known to the public.

Secondly, a good jewelry display cabinet can also improve the sales performance of enterprises. As we all know, because the exhibition cabinet is the most direct carrier of communication and transmission between exhibits and customers, well-designed exhibits (high-grade jewelry, etc.) can naturally add a lot of points, thereby generating consumer power. The good exhibition cabinet can also promote the “return rate” under the influence of “experience economy”, so both brand product enterprises and those who want to brand products should attach great importance to the design and production of exhibition cabinets.

How to design a jewelry display cabinet to highlight the charm of jewelry?

At present, there are many kinds of jewelry display cabinets on the market, and their grades are different, which can well meet the needs of different groups. For large shopping malls, the design and manufacture of jewelry counters seem to embody their own style and characteristics in technology and space. So, what should we pay attention to when customizing jewelry display cabinets in large shopping malls?

Customization Principle of Exhibition Cabinet Design 1: Integrating with Sales Environment

Color is the first element to leave an impression on people. Style and characteristics are often created by the visual illusion of color. Reasonable and harmonious color combination can often bring a new and magical visual effect. The color of the display cabinet is particularly important if you want to match well with the environment of the store and integrate perfectly. Cold and warm colors, contrast colors, black and white, monochrome and so on should be applied properly, focusing on the main tone to play a better attraction. In addition, large shopping malls generally give people a sense of luxury and elegance, so the design of Exhibition cabinets should also conform to this style and charm.

Customized Principle 2: Lighting Effect Selection

Usually, our lighting in the choice of color will be more considered, because no matter how good, no matter how gorgeous the jewelry display cabinet in different colors of light display effect is completely different. Blue light will give people a confused feeling, but also make people feel more cold, yellow light, it shows the magnificent warmth and comfort. When you don’t need colorful lights, jewelry feels more real. How to balance the choice of lighting color depends on the choice of your product and environment.

Customized Principle 3: Make Space Comfortable

When designing jewelry display cabinets, our designers should fully consider the design of space. For example, aisle reservation, display lighting space reservation, vertical space layered reservation are extremely important. Generally, the width of the main corridor is not less than 1.2 meters, and the length of the secondary corridor is not less than 0.8 meters.

Customized Principle 4: Decorate the Facade

Facade decoration directly affects the overall image of the store, giving people the first feeling is very important, there is no business without attraction. So don’t skimpy shop decoration, facade walls, surrounding walls, counter corner and other places are not allowed to pass, decoration, in order to attract customers but also reflect the value of the jewelry display cabinet.

So businessmen must do a good job in choosing jewelry display cabinets. At the same time, all road jewelry display cabinets will also make the best jewelry display cabinet design and production services for our customers. According to your needs, we will formulate the most perfect personalized scheme. All road jewelry display cabinets are also looking forward to cooperating with our customers.

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