Jewelry Showcase Manufacturers tell you a few types of jewelry that you can’t wear to your babies

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Now many parents and relatives will buy some jewelry bracelets for their babies to wear on their hands, but the baby’s skin is very delicate, as we all know, some babies’jewelry is not suitable for wearing the following Vanway jewelry display cabinet manufacturers tell you a few types of jewelry that can not be worn for babies.

First, don’t give jewelry that irritates the skin. It may irritate the skin. Certain types of metals can not be used with children, such as nickel, platinum, arsenic, etc. These metals can cause skin allergies and must be avoided as children’s jewelry. Pure gold and silver jewelry, organic gemstones such as amber, pearl, coral, fritillaria, etc., have not been radiated, dyed and chemically treated gemstones, these materials do not affect the sensitive skin of children, in order to ensure that children wear safe.


Keep sharp edges away from sharp edges and corners that may scratch children, so you must choose jewelry with rounded shapes, especially rings and other items, and pay attention to whether there are sharp edges. Children’s skin is very delicate, wearing more angular ornaments will stimulate the friction of local skin, but also to avoid some low-grade jewelry modelling, rough workmanship; some interface is not corresponding, some rough polishing is not smooth, easy to stimulate or scratch the skin, make skin inflammation, if germs invade reproduction, may cause secondary infection, causing systemic diseases.

Don’t send some hangers with thicker chains. Red rope is usually used for knitting. If the rope is knitted thicker and harder, it is not suitable for baby belt. The baby’s skin is very delicate, which can easily cause skin damage, especially neck. In order to make the jewelry more beautiful, some parents will wear crystals, emeralds, pearls, gold and silver to their babies. However, in case the rope breaks and the beads spill, the baby may put them in his mouth. This is particularly dangerous, so the string of beads should be checked more often. The jewelry exhibition cabinet manufacturer unique reminds us to pay more attention to these daily details for the sake of baby’s safety.

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