How to decorate a jewelry store?

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Before understanding how to decorate a jewelry store, we must first understand the significance of jewelry store decoration. Today’s jewelry store is likely to be a chain brand, in the decoration not only to attract customers, but also to promote the culture and business philosophy of the enterprise. Today for you to sum up a few jewelry store decoration knowledge.

1.Mediterranean decoration style

Jewelry store decoration emphasis on high-end, luxury, atmosphere. When decorating the jewelry store, we should choose the appropriate decoration style to reflect the characteristics of the jewelry store. The decoration style often used in modern style is modern simple style, European style, American style and Mediterranean style. Modern minimalist style advocates simplicity and fashion, European style emphasizes luxury and atmosphere. American style gives a casual romance, and Mediterranean style is clear and natural. For the decoration of jewelry stores, jewelry is the meaning of identity, so in the decoration to luxury, atmosphere, European style is the best choice.

2. Tone layout

Color is the best tool to build atmosphere. For jewelry stores, excessive color change not only can not play an eye-catching role, but also make people visual fatigue. So the color of jewelry stores should not be excessive, simple is good. Fair color matching can make people feel positive and full of positive energy, while unfair color matching will make people feel negative and repressed. The most frequently used color in the decoration of jewelry stores is the logo color of the enterprise.

The color design of the logo is consistent with the nature of the enterprise product and can reflect the characteristics of the product to the greatest extent. Secondly, the color design of the logo gives a simple and generous feeling. Color matching in jewelry stores needs to focus on gold and silver, which are the two colors that best show the value and luster of the jewelry. In addition, you can also add some dark colors, such as dark blue, deep purple, etc. These colors can complement gold and silver, creating a luxury and elegant styles.

3. Lighting match

Lighting plays an important role in a jewelry store. In the decoration of jewelry stores, the lighting is divided into local lighting and overall lighting. And local lighting is the focus of the decoration. Local lighting includes window, counter and display lighting. Local lighting can allow customers to have a full understanding of the structure, texture and color of the jewelry, but also make the jewelry more bright and full of vitality. Jewelry display cabinets mostly take fluorescent lamps as the top light source, cold light spotlights and LED lights as the complementary light source on both sides. Such lighting design improves the three-dimensional sense of jewelry, sets off the crystal clear jewelry, and can also arouse customers’ consumption desire.


Different jewelry needs different lighting to work with, in the decoration of the time to choose the appropriate lighting according to the characteristics of jewelry. How to use the appropriate light source to show the value of jewelry has increasingly become a concern of jewelers. When some jewelry stores decorate stores or counters, generally only pay attention to the light to be bright enough to make the overall feeling of the store gorgeous and magnificent.

But ignore the proportional distribution of the light source, making there is no difference between the main body of the sale and the non-main body. And the jewelry placed in the counter lacks a sense of hierarchy. Just like flowers need green leaves to set off, no matter how beautiful jewelry. It needs good light to set off, in order to glow it should be brilliant. Lighting can also have an emotional impact on customers and jewelry store staff. And also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions.

4. Detail design

Jewelry stores are selling expensive jewelry, so theft prevention is a factor that must be considered. When decorating a jewelry store, it is necessary to install an anti-theft system to prevent some lawbreakers from fishing in troubled waters. Eye-catching colors can impress people deeply. And eye-catching colors can be use to design the name of the store when decorating the jewelry store. Secondly, in the decoration of jewelry stores, we should pay attention to the layout of the space. And there should be a clear regulation on what kind of jewelry is place in what place. So as to facilitate customers’ choice. It is best to set up a rest area in the jewelry store. So that the person who accompanies the customer to pick has a rest place. So that the customer can pick at ease.

5. Display cabinet design

The design of the display case of a jewelry store is one of the most important parts, which needs to take into account the type, size, material and other factors of the jewelry. In the choice of display cabinet, you can use glass material, this material is high transparency, can best show the luster and texture of the jewelry. In addition, in the design of the display cabinet, elements such as lighting and mirrors can be used to make the jewelry more outstanding.

6. Spatial planning

The spatial planning of jewelry stores needs to fully take into account the needs and experiences of customers. So that customers can freely browse and choose products in the store. In the design of space planning, an open layout can be adopt. So that the jewelry can be freely display in front of customers. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider ventilation, lighting and other factors. So that customers can feel the most comfortable shopping experience in the store.

7. Create a good consumption environment

If you go to a jewelry store, it is very noisy, can not feel the feeling of enjoyment, may immediately leave, create the environment mainly from the light to give people the feeling and relax environment, lighting do not direct eyes, and through diffuse reflection to light, experience the sofa to be relax and comfortable, to give customers the enjoyment of beauty.

jewelry store

8. Design ideas should be new

The design of jewelry store follows the pace of The Times, uses the latest fashion design concept, highlights the subjectivity and personality of jewelry store management, and meets the psychological needs of guests in the pursuit of perfection and comfort in the fast-paced society. The following points should be met:

  • Display cases should not be placed at the exit
  • jewelry store color can not be arbitrarily set, and the main theme of the jewelry store
  • the jewelry store door can not be too small and atmospheric
  • There should be no loud music in the jewelry store

9. Placement of mirrors

There is a detail in the decoration of the jewellery store that can not be ignored, that is, the placement of the jewelry store mirror. Because when people choose jewelry, they will unconsciously want to see the effect of jewelry on their own. And the mirror has a reflective effect, the reflective effect of the mirror not only increases the brightness of the room, but also makes the various arrangements and decorations of the jewelry store appear more rich and dynamic, reflecting the novel and chic decoration style, and can enhance the grade of the entire jewelry store decoration.

The decoration of jewelry store includes the decoration of the top of the jewelry store, the decoration of the jewelry store ground, and the decoration of the jewelry store wall. As long as the three are in harmony, the decoration of the jewellery store is a success. The perfect combination of the three can give you beautiful visual enjoyment, and spatial enjoyment. The combination of the three will create an attractive shopping environment when the jewellery store is decorated, which can stimulate people’s consumption and promote the performance of the jewelry store.

In the decoration of jewelry stores, we should pay attention to the decoration style and color matching. And build a noble and atmospheric feeling. Secondly, in the decoration, we should pay attention to the use of lighting, improve the beauty of jewelry, make jewelry more bright and dazzling, and stimulate the purchase of customers. When decorating, we should also pay attention to the anti-theft and safety of the jewelry store.

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