Custom-made jewelry store furniture unique 3D shop design

For many businesses who want to open a jewelry store, the decoration and design of the jewelry store are undoubtedly the most important. The value of the products in the store needs to be directly reflected through the decoration style of the store. So, how can we make the overall design of your jewelry store reflect the value of the jewelry?

In this article, we will introduce a custom-made jewelry store furniture unique 3D shop design to you. You can check the design is very high-end and luxury style.



The color of this jewelry store display furniture has brown wooden color, gold stainless steel and black color. Because the jewelry products are high-end and expensive. For the material of the jewelry shop display showcase, we have to use good quality with a beautiful finish. The lights of the jewelry shop display showcase is also very important.

The design of the ceiling also needs to match the space design and lighting design of the store to create the artistic beauty of the jewelry store. Establish a comfortable shopping environment and stimulate customers’ desire to buy. 



The main material of our store display furniture will use wooden material – plywood or MDF. For the wooden material can use laminate or veneer both are good and durable. Another normal material for the jewelry display showcase is stainless steel or metal. This material is much long use but the price is higher than wooden material.


Our company has a professional design team that can make a customized 3D design for you. You can send your requirement about the shop size or layout and your favorite shop style. We will make a new jewelry store 3D design for you then you can check the effect and start this project.

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