Fresh retro style jewelry store design glass showcase for jewelry

Unique jewelry showcase design can give people a different feeling, but do not deviate from the exhibition goal and commercial image. We must design the jewelry display furniture in a unique style at the same time can stimulate the purchase desire of customers and improve the customer return rate.

This is a fresh retro style jewelry store design glass showcase for jewelry. A beautiful and professional jewelry store design is really important for your business. Let us check this newest jewelry shop design together.



A good jewelry display case can create a good shopping environment and atmosphere. The display cabinet needs to be designed and planned according to the situation of the jewelry store. Before the design, the designer needs to design according to the actual store size. And combine the decoration style of the store to design and match the appropriate display cabinet. So the display cabinet plays a decisive role in the jewelry store.

The main color theme of this jewelry store is green, pink and gold. The wall is pink color and the store display furniture with dark green and light green color that matches the gold stainless steel color. You can use the display showcase to display your jewelry products to the customer so that they can check and choose what they want.


In the design and production of the showcase, the lighting of the jewelry display case is very important. The lighting in the jewelry display case is not a simple decoration but needs to be used to show the characteristics of jewelry products to achieve the effect of a high-end display. We can use LED downlights, the light out of the soft, not dazzling. Only in this way can customers feel comfortable and relaxed when choosing jewelry products.

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