How to customize a cosmetic kiosk for mall ?

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There are many kinds of mall kiosks on the market, and their styles & function are also varied. There are eyeglasses kiosk, clothing kiosk, cosmetics kiosk and so on. What are the selection criteria of cosmetics kiosk ?

mall cosmetic display
mall used cosmetic retail kiosk

We see different styles of cosmetic kiosks in major department stores and specialty stores. More and more kiosk manufacturers have begun to publicize various patterns, from color to material, from shape to style, buyers also have a lot of choices, so what kind of style should we choose, which kind of material are best cosmetic kiosk?

Cosmetics kiosk in mall

Cosmetics kiosk is the main carrier of commodities in commerce, and also the main frame of commercial space vision. The design and manufacture of cosmetics kiosk will directly affect the sales of goods and the brand image of enterprises. In recent years, cosmetics kiosk has made great progress in design and production, which is mainly the result of market competition becoming more mature and enterprises paying more attention to shaping brand image.

Therefore, the choice of cosmetics kiosk production must start from the positioning of their own brand and brand image, let the kiosk manufacturers design the most suitable cosmetics kiosk for the product brand, of course, the design is not only the style of the counter, but also the material, the visual feeling of the whole space. Only in this way can the product be better displayed.

retail cosmetic stands and display cabinets
mall used cosmetic shop design

How to customize build the cosmetic kiosk from manufacturer?

  1. If there is a size, just provide the size to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will make it according to your requirements.
  2. Cosmetic kiosk materials: First, we should understand the factors of product brand and interior decoration style, and then consider what material to use to customize the kiosk. For example, the customers of kiosk factory mainly make cosmetics kiosk, jewelry kiosk, exhibition hall kiosk, etc. The commonly used materials are: high density board, flame retardant board, acrylic, glass, etc. Titanium alloy, stainless steel and other hardware accessories. For the choice of materials, it is better to go to the company for field visits, and the knowledge of materials is more intuitive.
  3. Generally speaking, material decides price. After deciding what material to use, price will be quoted.
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