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When you are starting a mall kiosk business. the most concerned question the cost of building a kiosk . Due to that every country and every manufacturer price will be different . So I will only give a price cost ideas for mall kiosk that from Unique.

Unique Kiosk is a professional mall kiosk manufacturer in China. And I have worked in this company for over 15 years. Because all the mall kiosk are customized ,So every types of mall kiosk business the cost will be different from material and size. For example, same size kiosk countertop use lamination finish and man made stone finish will be quite different. So I will give you a price cost ideas of different kinds of kiosks in a standard size.

mall kiosk design and cost ideas
unique retail mall kiosk design

In fact. Customized mall kiosks are really hard to give an exact price without a specified requirement. But many readers keep on asking  me the same question . Thus ,today I’m going to write one article of the price cost for a mall kiosk .

Coffee Kiosk Price & Fast Food Kiosk Cost

Coffee kiosk and fast food kiosk are very similar in material using (check lated >>>coffee kiosk design ). I will arrange them in one package to talk. Most of the beverage kiosk and concession booth are share the same type. You can all take it as a reference .

For a standard size 12ft*10ft kiosk in mall price in Unique Kiosk is range from   5000USD to 9000USD . Such size food kiosk in USA need about 15000USD to 25000USD  same as Australia and Canada. In UK the cost is even higher.  we can see that. Kiosk from USA and other developed countries are almost 4times higher than Unique. Even take shipping and installation cost into calculation. Still far less then them.

Retail Mall Kiosk Price

For a standard  10ft*10ft  Retail kiosk in mall. Price is range from  6000USD to 8000USD . Such as a cell phone accessory display or jewelry retail kiosk. Those kiosk has a lot of led light and glass showcase. So price will be a little higher than food concessions.

Most of the mall kiosk frame material will be the same. (I will write another article specially for kiosk materials ) Only the surface material are different .So in fact .Most of the custom kiosk price do not diverse too much.

Spa and salon bar kiosk price.

Spa and salon kiosk are mainly for service business. For example, eyebrows threading kiosk , nail bar kiosk , barber kiosk, teeth whitening kiosk etc. This kiosk are comparatively easier to build. So with a standard size of 4*3 meter . The price is range from 4000 USD to 8000USD

teeth whitening kiosk in mall
smile lounge teeth whitening kiosk

Different country the labor cost and material cost are diverse a lot. But from a average level to see , developed country mall kiosk price are almost 3-4 times higher then from unique.  That’s really a lot of money especially for a new business starter.

As a business vendor , we all know that ,profit is the main propose of mall kiosk business. and the money you save is the exact money you earn. So if you want to get a high quality mall kiosk with affordable price. Unique Kiosk will be the best place to go.

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