Where to buy a mall kiosk ?(For new business starter’s guide )

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When people start a mall retail business, he will need a display fixtures for products display .Even you are doing service like eyebrow threading or teeth whitening , You will still need a retail counter or shelter to do business. This display counter is call a mall kiosk. So here comes the question ,How can I get a mall kiosk ?Where to buy a mall kiosk ?

I have been working in a mall kiosk manufacturer for over 15 year, According to my experience there are following 4 ways of getting a nice mall kiosk build.

kiosk design
mall retail kiosk design

1, Get a local kiosk manufacturer build it .

There are many different decoration company in every country and in every city, You can easy find a local commercial kiosk manufacturer in TV advertisement or newspaper.  If you are not reading a newspaper or watch little TV , you can google the nearest mall kiosk manufacturer .

In this way you can drive and went to the supplier’s office and negotiable what you need , If they have a showroom , You can even see the materials and finished products . So you are confident with the quality and service .especially after sale service .

This way getting a mall kiosk build is the comparative best way ,However there two issues for this. One is if you developed cities the cost of building a mall kiosk from local will be very expensive , especially for new business starters. As we know in big cities , labor cost and material cost will be very high . Another issues is  in some less developed cities. the quality and technology in manufacturing is not able to achieve the mall criteria. So many people will choose the second Option.

2,Get a mall kiosk from mall appointed manufacture.

In many business center . Shopping mall will have special office to organize the kiosk leasing and management . When you applying a mall lease from them. They will suggest to get a kiosk from their cooperated partner. 

They can assure you a approved design kiosk and because those manufacturer has work with mall for many years, they know exact the material requirement and criteria. So they can provide a high quality and easy mall kiosk .

However , this way still have a problem is the cost is high. therefore , I will give you next 2 options for lower cost. keep on read.

food kiosk in mall
mall food kiosk design by uniquekiosk.com in 2016

3,Get a used mall kiosk or second hand kiosk .

There are many business start in mall everyday , and close everyday ,If you are first time to start a mall kiosk and do not have a big budget . choose a used mall kiosk will be a good choice .

You can talk with mall manger get a second hand retail kiosk or you can search eBay or Amazon to get a comparatively new kiosk with a good condition . The most important is cheap, cheap and cheap.  Since you are the first time to try a business . This seems not a very bad option . But I’m going to tell you another way to get a new mall kiosk with affordable price 

4.Get a Mall kiosk from Unique Kiosk.

Who is unique kiosk ? Unique Kiosk is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer based in China.  Who has been build and exporting kiosk all over the world for over 20 years. We have different fast food kiosk design for waffle, crepe , cupcake, corn and chocolate . While our coffee kiosk and juice bar are best sellers . Salon counters and bar furniture for nails , eyebrows, spa  are our main products . And we customize store fixtures and retail kiosk for jewelry ,clothes and shoes etc .  Our product almost include any types of mall business ideas. If you have special business threads for mall .Our custom service is waiting .

Why choose unique kiosk ? As I mentioned before  Unique is mean to solve the cost problem of mall kiosk for all of our customer. We are aiming to providing a high quality kiosk with affordable price.  Why unique can provide such a low cost kiosk ? 

Unique base in China, the labor cost and material cost are very low to allow us save a lot on kiosk manufacturing  While our quality and technology is exactly following  western country standard. So we offer a great quality kiosk with very low cost . How much  will be kiosk from Unique ? For example . a standard kiosk with a size of 3*3 meter  will need about 18000USD in New York, while only cost 5500USD to build from Unique.  

Here you may question , I still need shipping cost . yes, you are right. But shipping bay sea will only cost for about 1500USD for LCL shipping and even use FCL loading need only around 2899USD. Still far less then getting from local or other ways.  Even you choose to air ship the kiosk will cost about 6000-7000USD still much cheaper than that.

Above all . if you want a totally new kiosk with cheap price, or you need retail kiosk with custom requirement. Unique Kiosk will be a good choice.

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