How to design & build light box in cosmetics kiosk ?

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When making mall used cosmetics kiosk, there will be the design of light box. How to design the light box is also the most concerned problem of kiosk designers and customers, because these pictures also play a promotional role. When making the light box, how to choose the light box pictures? Usually the lamp box is made of double-layer acrylic, that is, the surface is transparent and the inside is opalescent acrylic, with a picture in the middle. This method is not only convenient for the change of the picture, but also more conducive to cost savings. Of course, there is also a relatively simple production method, that is, a layer of acrylic directly, the surface of the back glue picture, or the picture pasted behind the transparent acrylic. The drawback of this method is that it is not conducive to the change of the picture, which is seldom done now.

Cosmetics kiosk design for mall

cosmetic kiosk design for retail
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If it is a larger picture, it can not be operated like this, such as the non-standard 2m*3m picture, because the standard size of acrylic is not so large, if customized acrylic is not realistic, usually this approach is to use a better picture directly, and omit acrylic, this is called hook screen, usually the production of non-standard lamp box, then the choice of the picture material. Be sure to meet the standards.

In the design of cosmetics kiosk or jewelry kiosk , there is also a kind of high-end and more useful is the ultra-thin light box. So the thickness of the light box is very thin, generally about 2 centimeters thick, and it is very convenient to change the picture, move the position, etc. Especially the crystal ultra-thin light box, besides these advantages, the most important thing is the very beautiful, and the kiosk collocation is also very convenient. It’s of considerable display grade. The only shortcoming is that the price of such a lamp box is relatively high. Brand companies with better budget will choose such a lamp box.

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