How to customize a children’s clothing shop design?

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Children’s clothing stores are specialized in selling children’s clothes, and the general clothing store is different, in the decoration to spend more thought, not only to conform to the adult aesthetic but also to attract the attention of children. So what are the skills of children’s clothing store decoration? What should I pay attention to when opening a children’s clothing store? Please follow me and have a look.

1. The storefront decoration of the children’s clothing store should be conspicuous. 

Customers in shopping or shopping malls, according to the storefront of the store judge the attributes of the store, so we should be conspicuous in the decoration of the door so that customers can see at a glance, clearly can identify this is a children’s clothing store. And customers can locate the store according to the appearance of the storefront and simulate the psychological price. Of course, the decoration of general children’s clothing stores will give people the feeling of people’s price. If you want high-end style, the door decoration should pay attention to spend more thought.

2. The color is bright but not harsh. 

Children’s store decoration can choose low saturation color, for children, bright color can attract their attention, and can also dress up the space, but paying attention to the color can not be dazzling, so it will make the store space messy, does not conform to the positioning of children’s clothing store.

We can use a lot of cartoon elements for design, the overall color is also very bright and generous, in line with the age characteristics of children, and can attract children’s eyes. In combination with the intimate and professional service in the store, I think it is very easy to sell under the recommendation of the staff.

The main colors of the design can be very warm, yellow and raw wood display cabinet design to make the space look very attractive, such a design makes the space become very wonderful and generous, giving people a sense of building blocks. In particular, the display of various cartoon dolls not only makes the space full of fun, but also gives a very delicate effect.

The use of tree modeling space, revealing a natural atmosphere, the use of color in the overall space and brand concept formed a body, other accessories collocation is also very clever, the design of this shop looks very natural and comfortable.

3. The display should have a theme

Children’s clothing stores can display their clothes around the theme, which can change with the season and festival, so that it is more interesting, corresponding to the special holiday atmosphere, attracting customers’ attention, and playing the role of promoting products. We should pay attention to the height of children is relatively short, so the clothes hangers and display cabinets of children’s clothing stores should not be too high, lower than those of adult clothing stores, which is more childlike and convenient for children.

The design of the children’s clothing store should be very simple and generous, which looks like the design of the brand store. The overall store design is very original, and the ceiling is decorated with multiple spotlights, giving a starry sky effect. The storefront is covered with dark floors, which make it look particularly upscale and warm. Rich high-end design is the most attractive decoration, and with such a high-end space design, clothing quality must be guaranteed.

  • Wall decoration

The wall is the first place for customers to see after entering the door, so the decoration of the wall is very key. Wall decoration mainly from decorative materials and color two aspects to choose. On material, latex paint, wallpaper, shop sheet, stick ceramic tile can choose by oneself. The wall design of a children’s clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the displayed goods, and adapt to the environment and image of the clothing store. Display cabinets can be created on metope commonly, find a place for display stage, install a few simple equipment, can put one part of children’s clothing, also can be used as the display stage of commodities or adornment.

  • Shelf container design

Container shelves are one of the main facilities for displaying, displaying and selling goods. Container design not only requires practical, flexible, firm, easy to operate, easy to visit consumers, but also to adapt to the different needs of all kinds of clothing. It is mainly the selection of materials and shapes of container shelves. The general container shelves are square, and the goods are displayed and placed worldwide. But the different container shelves changed the previous rigid, monotonous image, add lively line changes, so that the clothing store shows the meaning of the curve.

  • Decoration of ceiling

The ceiling can create the aesthetic feeling of a children’s clothing store, which can be matched with space design and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment. Appropriate ceiling decoration can have effect such as cover beam column, pipeline, have the can have the effect such as cover beam column, pipeline, heat insulation, sound individual glamour, notice integral collocation, make the elegant feeling of colour shows undoubtedly.

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