How to make a perfect milk tea shop design?

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Milk tea is now a very popular drink, especially with the summer heat to make everyone feel unbearable, this time to a cup of ice cold milk tea is not a great enjoyment! As milk tea becomes more and more popular, many people will also think of their own investment in opening a milk tea shop, but the early decoration of the shop is heavy, which will directly affect the quality of the follow-up business. Today, this article summarizes some milk tea shop decoration skills for you.

The decoration of a milk tea shop is also a more troublesome thing, because there are more aspects to consider, but also how to consider how to attract customers, in short, all aspects need us to take into account, the decoration of a milk tea shop is also more complicated, so how to design the decoration of milk tea shop?

First, how to design the decoration of a milk tea shop

1. Lighting is the soul of all kinds of interior design, and it is no exception in the decoration of milk tea shops. Good decoration design and good products will immediately appear inferior if they lack appropriate lighting. Usually, the light of milk tea shop should be given priority to by warm color light sources such as orange, and the brightness must be enough, so as to make our products become hot spots and eye-catching. Thus enhance the customer’s appetite and desire to buy. If the light is dim, it will not only be inconvenient to operate, but also bring people a sense of depression, affect the mood of customers and reduce the sense of consumption.

2. Drinking milk tea is a great enjoyment of leisure, and the decoration of a milk tea shop should also create a sense of ease and comfort. The yellow bar, pink green background wall, and eye-catching logo, give a fresh and green feeling. It is more warm and romantic under the light. Milk tea shop staff flow, small air conditioning to adjust the indoor temperature but has a great help, to attract repeat customers but a great help!

3. The decoration design of the external and internal environment of the milk tea store should be determined according to the scope and category of the goods and the habits and characteristics of the target customers, and the target customers should be firmly attracted by the distinctive business characteristics. As soon as customers see the appearance of the store, they will immediately stop and look and have the desire to shop or consume in the store; As soon as they enter the store, they have a strong desire to buy and a sense of novelty.

4. Milk tea shop style color

The decoration of milk tea shop can not only consider the facade decoration, the interior decoration design style is also very important, but the feeling reflected by different styles also is not the same, the general decoration style of milk tea shop tends to be simple, generous and comfortable. For example: sweet style, the main tone of the shop can choose pink gray. Small and fresh style, shop tone can choose blue and white.

5. Wall decoration design

You can design a message area on the wall of the leisure area, which can be very good for customers to interact and stay, but also very good to attract customers next visit, but the message area also needs to design areas and different shapes, so that people can see very comfortable, will not appear groceries without chapter.

Second, milk tea shop decoration points

A lot of people like to use decorative paintings to decorate the space, in order to beauty, but when hanging pictures need to pay attention to: painted with a fierce beast picture should not hang, so as not to bring people a sense of terror; Don’t hang pictures that are too dark or black, because they look too heavy, demoralizing, and lacking in enthusiasm. In fact, as long as the screen tone is simple, give a person calm, practical feeling, so that consumers can feel the quiet atmosphere, it is enough.

The shop card and various decorative styles at the door of the milk tea shop reflect the main consumer groups targeted by the brand. The design style of general shop signs should cater to the mainstream values and aesthetic taste of this group of people; Do not emphasize their own characteristics and lead to customer recognition. The appearance of the facade basically determines the style of the shop, and the choice of font basically determines the grade of the appearance. The color of the door head word and the color of the facade must be well matched.

Whether what shops decorate the most main is to attract customers, let a person love at the first glance is very important, so milk tea shop decorate what are how to design and decorate the point, I think we through the introduction of the above this article also understand, that if you still want to know more decoration information, please continue to pay attention to us.

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