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Candy has always been a good market in the food industry. With the progress of The Times and the development of transportation, many candies and snacks from other countries and regions are gradually flooding into the market. As a result, the variety of candy is getting richer and richer, and it also satisfies many people with different tastes.

However, in recent years, the consumption demand and strength of the snack market have changed dramatically. The main consumers of the snack food market are children and women. Looking at the state of business these two years, almost everyone in a big city has an allowance they are willing to spend. It’s common to buy $10, $30 or more snacks. Women’s love of candy is almost part of their nature. The confectionery industry is growing fast and its prospects are not dim.

Candy stores will appeal to consumers who are usually indifferent to candy. Rows of candies and colorful display furniture create the atmosphere of a classic fairy tale candy house. When you’re feeling down and stressed, a little something sweet seems to lift your mood. So. If we want to stand out among the many candy stores, we must consider the layout and decoration of the store.

This often has a lot to do with the design of the candy store. If you don’t know how to set up your store, you can read this article. Here, I will introduce some of the most popular furniture in candy stores.

Candy shops are supposed to be magical and exciting. Be sure to budget for the design and renovation of the store. Such an atmosphere not only attracts customers, but also keeps them. If interior design isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring an interior designer to help you. First impressions mean everything. Meet staff needs and train them properly before opening. Think of it as an investment in your business goals. There’s something in the sweet shop that will put you in an instant mood. The variety, lively colors and overall feel of the candies can bring any adult, no matter their age, back to children. So, if you want to open your own sweet shop, you should consider the following.


Candy should feel colorful, so many people want to turn the candy store into a rainbow of colors. Customers also want to be pleased when they see such decorated stores. Therefore, the color match in the candy shop is very important.

Display furniture

Candy store decoration design does not need to use too high-end luxury materials, colorful and simple store decoration can be. There are many kinds of food in the candy store, so the display of the candy store shelves is more exquisite.

The display shelf can consider the top is the goods of high-grade price, aiming at the white-collar gens that pay attention to the brand specially. In the middle is accessible mid-priced goods, facing the masses. The bottom is a few bits and pieces of baubles, mainly for children furnishings.

Compared with ordinary candy stores, the audience of imported candy stores is more clear. In addition to candy, many people also come for a variety of candy boxes, those cute and painted with cartoon patterns are very popular. Therefore, in product packaging, taste and other aspects to highlight the novelty and unique. As the main consumer is young people, so the decoration style as far as possible with fashion characteristics.

Import candy stores mainly rely on novelty to attract people’s eyes, so the location requirements are particularly high. If the sales are not large, it will be easy to press. It can be said that the location of the candy store, purchase channels will directly affect the income. The price of imported confectionery is generally higher, so the choice of shop location should fully consider the actual level of local consumption. It is a good choice near the bustling business district, universities and cinemas with large passenger flow.

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    Hi we have an existing very successful Candy Store in Australia. We are looking at opening an exciting kiosk in a great location (50m2) and came across your website. I am after some more information please on your design, import and build process.

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