How to choose the right lighting decoration for your display showcase?

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Are you looking for a display showcase? you will get what you want here!

do you know what’s the most popular service today? which one service can help you Win more customers? When you walked in shopping center. you will notice there have so many different types of display counter and stand. it’s food counter, phone display stand. salon kiosk and jewelry display showcase etc. but how to start your business in mall? How to customize a suitable and attractive counter? I think you’ll find out today.

In this article, the one I mainly introduce the decoration and application of some lights above the counter.

1.Led light strip.

LED light belt is conventionally divided into two types: flexible LED light strip and hard LED light strip.

  • Hard LED light strip need match Aluminum slot card position for use, Usually match aluminum alloy lamp slot above. Mainly used in glass display cabinet for jewelry, phone, watch and cosmetic display.
  • Flexible LED light strip It’s usually used directly and can be bent. it mainly for light box, counter below and bottom.

The led light also divides into cold light and warm light again.


Spotlights are used like flashlights. it can be installed indoors and outdoors. The main purpose is to highlight the characteristics of the product , also with the performance of focusing light. so that it looks more delicate and attractive.

3.Coloc acrylic with led light strip.

This color light is made of acrylic and white led light strip. We will reserve irregular circles on the whole counter. and a movable laminate will be made at the back for placing acrylic and hidden light strips.

4. sunshine stone with LED light

Sunshine stone is a very high-end display stand surface finished. it’s made of colorful stone. inside is hidden led light strip. it’s very good to show the different types of product. very special and attractive.

5.Beauty lamp.

For almost salon service eyebrow threading station. and hair cutting station. there will be have some beauty lamp. it can install the round shape leap. led tube and Adjustable ceiling lamp.

If you want make your mall business, do the whole store style more exquisite and attractive is very necessary. add some right light decoration it’s very advantageous.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your display showcase build. for more related design, plz feel free to contact us here!

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