6 important tips on office reception desk design.

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The reception desk is very important for a company. Whether you are a large listed company or a growing company, You all need an excellent reception desk to receive your customers. Let customers feel unique and comfortable when they enter your company. So the selection of reception counter, the design of the reception desk and the layout of the reception table are all very particular.

office reception counter design
office reception counter design from unique kiosk

The height of the reception desk in a hall seems arbitrary. In fact, there are certain scientific principles, at least including human science. If the counter is too high, it will make it difficult for people to communicate with the service personnel when they ask questions. On the contrary, if the reception table designed too low. It will make the service staff inside will feel insecure. All the information will be exposed to visitors. So it needs a proper height. How much is the height of the reception desk? Let’s take a look.

1, Height design of reception desk

What is the general size of the reception desk? A lot of people think that the size is a little wider and more imposing. The height of the table is good. After all, it also needs to sit in the office. The front part of the desk can be designed into glass or stone materials. However, the specific size of the reception desk in the office must be designed according to the actual use. which related to the placement angle in combination with corporate culture, Moreover, to follow the overall design style of the office.

Typically, the overall height of the reception desk should be less than 1200mm, 70% of customers will choose the height between 1050mm-1100mm. The length of the desk can be 1.2 meters for a single seat or 3 meters for 2 seats If you have more receptionists and a large reception area, you can make it longer.

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office reception desk
office reception desk from Unique Kisok

2, Front desk reception area layout planning

The reception area of the front desk must be well planned. Otherwise, the reception area is the most likely to become a pile of scattered debris. For example, the product display cabinet can be placed near the door, And the key or other company’s products can where easy to access, Only each item has its own location, which will make the front reception area looks neat and clean.

Show warmth to your visitors. The image wall in and out of the front desk is mainly used to separate the indoor and outdoor space. This area is highly suggestive. You can put some company information to let you enter the office with a kind of cordiality.

office reception table
custom office reception desk from unique

The reception desk should put in the middle of the back company wall. Where you can place a big company logo or company signages. if the reception area has enough place, leave the two sides open for staff step in will looks great. before you choose to buy reception furniture, make sure you have confirmed it from a 3D design, at least from a CAD floor layout.

3, Color matching of the reception desk

If your office environment already decorated, when purchasing the reception desk, the color of the reception desk needs to take into consideration, The reception color needs to coordinate with the office background and whole office design theme. You can take the color of the indoor background and lighting as the main matching direction.

For example, if the background color of the office environment is dark, generally speaking, it is not suitable to choose the reception desk with a deep color. Because the space with deep background color will look even heavier and the dark wall will absorb light, then forming a heavy and dark indoor atmosphere. In this case, the whole office will look dull and give people a kind of pressure feeling.

4, The appearance design of reception desk

In addition, if the color of the reception desk is too strong, it is easy to produce tired visual effects. So, in general, it is more appropriate to choose harmonious colors. However, such a statement is not suitable for all people, because some people prefer to pursue the effect of strong contrast and visual stimulation.

The appearance design of the reception desk is also very important because we all know that the reception desk is the first contact when a customer arrives at a company. So the appearance design of a good reception table must meet several requirements

  • Reflect the product characteristics of the company.
  • Reflect the company’s culture
  • Friendly and convenient for visiting customers and users
  • The design is modern and attractive.

5, Reception desk and environment

If the office environment is a wood floor, it is easier to choose the reception desk. If it is tile, terrazzo, or marble floor, it is not suitable to choose the steel and wood reception desk, which will increase the cold atmosphere in the room. You can choose the wood reception desk to mix and lay carpets in some parts of the room to ease the cold and hard feeling.

6, Functional design of the reception desk

The shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other mutual factors of the front desk can coordinate with the interior design or lighting to form a coherent response and complement each other’s overall interior space effect. As for height, it depends on whether you are sitting or standing. If you are sitting, keep the service personnel’s head up and look up at the 45-degree angle to see the customer. If you are standing, the height is about below the chest.

In a word, if the height of the reception desk is too low, there will be no sense of security. If it is too high, there will be a sense of oppression. These are some details that need our attention.

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