How to get an attractive outdoor cellphone kiosk?

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Are you familiar with outdoor kiosks? I am sure you’ll hear the most about the mall kiosks. Now the outdoor kiosk is more and more popular, gradually appeared in everyone’s vision. The most common types is probably the outdoor food kiosk. I can usually see them on the street. Such as juice kiosks, coffee kiosks or snack kiosks etc. Exclude commercial kiosks, see do more is security booth. So, have you seen the outdoor cellphone kiosk? Do you know how to build an attractive outdoor kiosk? Today i am going to tell you how to build an outdoor cellphone kiosk.

As we all know, before we create something, we need to design it. Only when the design is attractive, can product be attractive. How to design? First we need to know  how big the kiosk is and we have to an idea, since it is an outdoor kiosk. It is used outdoors, like a small house,the sides and top are sealed. It has to have a door, and since it’s a cellphone display, it has to be visible from the outdoor. So we can use clear glass wall. But walls of glass all around are too drab and unsafe. So we can make a shape on the outside of the glass wall, which cannot completely see the inside and also protect the kiosk. Now that we know the basic structure, we can use an ornament for the rest. The essential decoration is of course the light logo. The luminous logo is used so that we can see it clearly at night. We can install it above the door, just like we saw in the brick-and mortar store. Speaking of which, can you picture it in your mind? Ok, let’s look at its 3d design.

3D design

Does it look like what you might imagine? I think it’s about the same. With the design, the next step is production.This outdoor kiosk’s outside frame is iron, we need to make the its shape like the design. Then do the surface treatment.Such as black anti-rust paint. Inside display cabinet we use MDF and baking paint. Its effect is very good. We can see the photo.

Display cabinet with light, so we can see it clearly at night. Because this kiosk is use in outdoor, so we also need to make the floor. The floor can be install the wired, some customer’s power supply is underground. So we can install some wire to connect the power supply.

Considering its transportation, we need to separate it into parts. Then when you receive the goods, you need to install it. It’s not like a mall kiosk, so it’s complicated to install. But don’t worry, we will give you the installation drawing, and you can follow the steps. When installed, turn on the power and it will work. We can see the finished product.

It looks gorgeous. Do you know how to get it? Let’s summarize.

Find a kiosk customization company first, then they will according to your size and you requirements to design your kiosk. Shape or color can according to your business or requirements to make it. After many revisions and confirmation. We will get the final design. Then according to the final design to make the construction drawing. After confirming all drawing, they will start production. A more sophisticated outdoor kiosk like this, when finished production, they will ship to your country and tell you how to install it. Isn’t it easy? Now you know how to get an outdoor kiosk. If you still have something you don’t understand, you can contact us. We’ll help you out with everything.

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