How to choose the light box for candy kiosk

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Most people like to eat candies. Especially kids and girls. If you want to start a business with a candy kiosk, this would be a very good idea. In order to make your candy kiosk more attractive, you need a light box for promotion. You can put your logo and some candy introductions and pictures in the light box. In this way, it can greatly convey the candy message. And a beautiful light box can attract more people for you.

How to choose a unique light box for your candy kiosk? Here are some common light boxes for your reference.

Common five types of light boxes

1. Ultra-thin light box

This is a light box made of various materials. Classified by material, there are LED ultra-thin light boxes, stainless steel ultra-thin light boxes, aluminum ultra-thin light boxes, etc. If you want to easily change your candy poster or make double-sided candy promotion, choose it. And installing this kind of light box is very simple.

2. Soft film light box

If your candy kiosk reserves enough space for the light box, you can choose this soft film light box. By enlarging the picture and the processing of the picture, the poster has an excellent three-dimensional effect. And the image is more vivid.

3. Blister light box

The blister light box adopts three-dimensional luminous character processing technology. Due to the addition of acrylic, the quality is stable. And the blister light box has the characteristics of good light transmission, not easy to fade, and bright as new. Also people can see it clearly from a distance. It is the first choice for merchants.

4. Crystal light box

Crystal light box also call acrylic light box. Its main part composes by acrylic and light source. This kind of light box can control the blinking of the LED frame to achieve dynamic effect. If you add beautiful candy pictures in the light box, it is believed that it will attract more children to you.

5. Wooden led light box

This wooden light box usually gives people a green and natural feeling. Its cost is not high and it is environmentally friendly. Also it has great selectivity and beautiful wooden texture. You can choose a unique wooden led light box for your candy kiosk.

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