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Nowadays the food business is very popular. Many people start to build a food kiosk in the mall. How to make the food cabinet play a good role? First of all, you need to choose the right material reasonably. There are many materials for making food kiosk. So food showcase also divide into many kinds. For example, we commonly view stainless steel food kiosk, wooden food cabinet and stone food showcase. Today we come to learn about the stone food kiosk.

Usually we choose stone food showcase because it has certain advantages. Stone food kiosk can be flame-retardant, moisture-proof, effective impact and scratch resistance. And it can directly contact with food, non-toxic and pollution-free. It is very green and environmentally friendly. We can also choose to use stone to make the entire food showcase. Or a food kiosk with stone on the countertop and bottom, and plate in the middle. The stones generally used to make food cabinets are marble, artificial stone, and quartz stone. They have the characteristics of rich colors, soft texture, natural and diverse texture, and easy to cut.

Some stone food kiosks display

This is a protein powder display showcase with a stone countertop. Its countertop is very shiny, and bright white. It matches well with the blue and red of the kiosk. Make the whole display showcase have a very good visual effect. Also it is very wear-resistant, and has a long use time.

This is a food kiosk with stone countertops. For the countertop, it has a very good bearing capacity. The owner can place some machines and display cabinet for food on the countertop. It also makes full use of the space on the countertop. And it is very easy clean. In addition, its texture is very beautiful and it feels cold to the touch. The stone table for customers can give them a different experience. On the whole, the stone food kiosk looks very beautiful.

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