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Yogurt is a popular drink. Not only is it good for our body, but also it has special taste. Many people like to drink yogurt. Therefore, many people started their business with a yogurt kiosk. In order to make the yogurt kiosk more outstanding and unique, most people are more willing to customize a yogurt kiosk. This is a very good choice. However, before customizing, they will think about a question, That is, how long does it take to customize a yogurt kiosk?

In fact, the total time to customize a yogurt kiosk divides into three parts. It includes the design time, production time and transportation time. Here I want to share with you the details of the time required to customize the yogurt kiosk. I believe you will have a good learn of this total time after reading it.

1. Design time

Usually the first step in customizing a yogurt kiosk is to start designing. Firstly, you can freely tell us all about the yogurt kiosk ideas and requirements. Our designers will make a new design for you according to your requirements. It will take about 3-5 working days. Of course, when you have new idea, we will also modify the design for you. At this time, time will also change. If you plan to make a yogurt kiosk in a mall, you need to submit the design renderings to the mall for review. The audit time of the design decides by the mall you are in.

2. Production time

  • After confirming the design drawings and paying the production deposit, we send the drawings to the workshop. And the workers begin to prepare materials according to the requirements on the drawings. It will take about 2-5 days.
  • Workers will build a wooden body according to the structure of the drawings. This process usually needs 10 days to finish.
  • The workers will do the surface treatment for the wood body. Because this is handmade, in order to ensure the quality of the wooden cabinet, we will finish it very carefully. This process takes about 5 days.
  • Workers will begin to assemble the entire yogurt kiosk in the installation workshop. This includes accessories for the yogurt kiosk such as doors, locks, wires, sockets and logo. This process takes about 4 days. And after completing the assembly, we will link all counters according to the design drawings. Then take pictures and send you to verify the actual effect of the yogurt kiosk.
  • Workers need a day to pack the yogurt kiosk. Before packaging, we will clean the entire cabinet. And in order to facilitate transportation, we will pack the cabinet into several parts. Our packaging is foam inside and wooden box outside. This can effectively protect the yogurt kiosk from damage.

3. Shipping time

After paying the production balance, the shipping time is usually within 25-28 working days. Of course, the specific time depends on your destination port and mode of transportation.

After reading the above details, do you know the process and time of customizing a yogurt kiosk? If you plan to customize a yogurt kiosk, before it, you need to calculate your schedule. And Reserve enough time for design, production and transportation. So that it will have better results.

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