How to choose a unique reception counter?

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As the saying goes, buddha relies on gold clothing, and people rely on clothing. Whether in the company or hotel or even in the supermarket, we can see the presence of the reception counter. The reception desk is their facade, representing their image and propagating their ideas. Therefore, the reception counter must be creative and beautiful. And different places need different reception desks. When you are ready to order a reception desk, how do you choose a suitable and unique reception desk?

In fact, a good reception desk cannot separate from the correct choice of materials, size and style. Here are some details about these aspects. They can be for your reference.

1.Materials selection

You need to choose a suitable material for your reception counter. The material of the reception counter usually has a higher grade and durability. And the effect of each material is different. For example, the marble reception counter is the highest-grade in its class. It is beautiful, wear-resistant, high-priced. And often used in high-end places. The paint reception desk comes next. But after repeated baking, the formed reception desk has a bright and smooth color. And looks very beautiful. In addition, there are relatively rare solid wood reception desks and the most economical panel reception desks.

2.Determine the size

The size setting of the reception desk is very important. This can directly affect communication with customers. For example, if the reception desk is a standing service, its service desk is about 1.2m high. And less than 0.5m wide. This is convenient for customers to write. If it is a seated service, it is about 1m. And the counters for employees and guests should be parallel. For general creative reception desk, its length has 1800, 2000, 3000mm etc. The common width is 600mm. The height of the reception side is mostly 1000, 1050mm. And the height of the staff side is 750mm. Of course, these are data just for your reference. The specific size depends on your actual situation.

3.Selected style

Reception counter style should match your store or business decoration style. It includes shape, color and function coordinate with the decorative design of indoor furniture. This can achieve the complementary effect of the overall indoor space. In addition, the style of reception desk also determine by your logo and industry. For example, the reception desks of enterprises are mostly stylish and simple modern styles. While the reception counters of food stores, coffee shops and hotels are relatively high-end and attractive.

After reading the reference details above, do you know from which aspects to choose a reception counter? Actually it is better to customize a reception counter. You can freely tell us all your ideas and requirements about the reception desk. In this way, we can design and customize a new reception counter for you according to your requirements.

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