How to choose a bar reception counter for business?

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As we know, bar counter/reception counters play an important role in the furniture area. They are necessary for many places, like office, hotel, restaurant, retail shop, wine bar counter/reception counter is a place do cash, main service area, so it needs to be creative and nice. The different place will require different style bar counter/reception when you ready to buy a bar counter/reception counter,you need select the one suitable for you.

Below are some of my ideas about how to choose the bar counter/reception counter,hope can give you some help:

1. Choose the bar counter according to using environment

For the office or company use, the reception counter desk must be clean and elegant. You can not make your business fronts desk like a wine bar or disco counter. So, typically , the boss would like Simple and stylish bar counter/reception counter as below:


the bar counter/reception will be the first eye seen by the customer, as your company or office, representing the image of the company. so if can design and make very characteristic will help attract customers.

And the office used the reception counter must able to delivery the company brand and product information. For example, you are a high tech company, better use a unique design with an organic shapes reception desk. If you are a plant company, add some natural wood will be a great idea.

For a restaurant, food shop, coffee shop, will need to choose high-end and attractive bar counter/reception counter

coffee bar counter design

For fast food shop or street restaurant use, the bar countertop will use Quartz or marble,it will have a front bar counter and back work counter to prepare food. The color usually needs a match shop theme. For coffee shops as usually would be brown or coffee color, for the high-end restaurant will need attractive coffee or dark color.

2. need match your shop/company decoration style

reception desk

see this bar counter,it is totally coffee wood color match the ceiling decoration looks very nice and high-end.

3. need add some elements show your philosophy

this means if you sell coffee, this bar counter should add some coffee elements, Such as color, posters; if you sell mobile phone, it better add some elements about phone

these 3 suggestions hope can give you some ideas for choose bar counter and reception desk.

If you wanna create your own special bar counter/reception counter, UKS can help.UKS already did customized furniture for more than 10 years, has a professional design team and a skilled work team. will help you make the design and build the bar counter as your needs.any type and style of bar counter in your mind and make it true. From function to outlook, from size to color , we can make every angle and every piece of material in your ideal way.

We mainly build customized bar cunters and reception desk, all of our desk counters are using high-quality material with a skilled expert finish. So, if you need any customized ideas, we can help you achieve it, Welcome, contact us if you have any interest!

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