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Kiosks have become a popular sales model worldwide. Not only does it have all the furniture in the store, but it can also be flexibly customized in various sizes and shapes, just in any open space of the mall. In fact, the kiosk is large size furniture? Many vendors will have such a question in mind, how can I ship such a big monster from so far away, am I easy to install with it?

Even so, it can present a sophisticated and high-end feeling. In addition, Using kiosks avoids a lot of design difficulties and production costs than storefronts. Therefore, more and more people choose kiosks to start their business.

If you are considering to customize a kiosk from China, you may be confused by the process.It doesn’t matter.I believe you will have a sufficient understanding following some points of this article.

Firstly: You need to find a reliable manufacturer.

A good kiosk manufacturer can give you a fair price, guaranteed quality, high-end and exquisite appearance, professional advice and responsible after-sales attitude, which are all necessary conditions for you getting a good kiosk.

If all these conditions are met, I think your search target can be narrowed down to China’s direct factory with the professional design team.

Secondly: Clearly tell us the kiosk you want

The two basic information that we need to get the most in style and size, which is the quotation based on. After confirming the two informations, you can continue to indicate more details, such as the location of the logo, the size list of machines, the internal layout, the material requirements, the location of the lightbox and other special needs.

golden pretzel kiosk desing

In addition, general shopping malls need to review the quality and specifications of your design, so you also need to tell us the requirements of the mall before the design.

Kindly noticed, when it comes to any size change or other special requirements, we need to make a design to confirm your needs.

Thirdly: Design

After receiving your design fee, we will immediately start making 3D drawings.It usually takes 2-3 days.

When the design is completed, we will send it to you for review, during which we can provide three free modifications.

When the design is approved, we will start to make construction drawings. A unique kiosk that belongs to you can start production!

Fourthly: Production and installation

But we need to charge 50% of your deposit and then we can start production and installation according to the construction drawing.

We will regularly update the production schedule to you taking photos or videos. Generally, the production and installation can be completed in 18 ~ 22 days.

candy boat kiosk design

Fifthly: Delivery and transportation

When we receive your balance payment, we will start to disassemble, number (so that you can install by yourself after receiving the goods) and pack, and then ship. We will contact the long-term cooperation transportation company and ship it to your port at a good freight, which takes about 25 days to arrive. Of course, if you need delivery to the door, We are also welcomed!  


The above are the steps and time needed to customize a kiosk in China. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

We are Shenzhen Unic Furniture Ltd., aiming to meet customers’ expectations and requirements, a customized and direct selling factory with 13 years of experience! Welcome to your inquiry!

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