How much does it cost to open a coffee shop?

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Coffee services are very welcome in nowadays. Coffee is one of the three most popular beverages in the world. Whether at home, in the office, or various social occasions, people are tasting coffee, it is gradually linked with fashion, modern life.

You will find there have many coffee shop service already coming, is very hog sale, are you plan to start your own coffee shop? In case you’re longing for opening a coffee shop, I believed you will have a budget for it. it’s very necessary to consider the cost. There’s no immovable answer on the amount it expenses to begin a coffeehouse. Your costs will rely on the kind of coffeehouse you need to open, the expenses of retail space in your locale and numerous different factors.

mall coffee kiosk

Today in here I wanna share some different coffee shop project cost for your reference.

1.Mall coffee kiosk.

Mall coffee kiosk is the hottest sale project. actually, it’s a small location in the shopping center, at real attractions, and on exceptional occasions.
usually is 3m by 3m, 4m by 3m, 5m by 3m. it based in the mall area
divide. A coffee kiosk might be a branch of a current coffeehouse or the sole area for serving coffee to supporters of the shopping center or fascination where the booth is found. Working a coffee kiosk business is more affordable than working a bistro, however, this sort of business has start-up expenses. As per Tea and Coffee Trade Online, the base start-up expenses are $7,000-12,000.

2. Coffee shop with seating.

As we know, nowadays, coffee not only is drink service. people always find a coffee shop as a place for dating between friends, also is a good place to chat business. In order to provide a better environment for customers,
Increase customer experience and attracts more customers. many Business Zone starts his business in a store.

Usually, a coffee shop Is 50-150sqm unequal, with table chair,
Booth sofa, bar counter, bar chair, Guests are free to choose. the total cost is about $15,000-23,000.

3. Outdoor coffee kiosk.

Outdoor food kiosk service is very welcome now, it mainly located in the street, bench, and Crowd point. in fact, the located is very comprehensive. it can for coffee, ice cream, and beverage service.

For outdoor use, must make it sun block and waterproof, we will make the whole kiosk inside with metal frame, used E1 plywood as the basic material, the surface with aluminum-plastic panel finished. another way is to choose metal as the based material, the surface is metallic paint finished. usually, build a 4m by 2.2m outdoor coffee kiosk the price range is $12,000-17,000.

4.Container coffee shop.

Container coffee shop is a good option to start an outdoor food business. container shops are very strong, High-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, easy to operate, easy to move.

It is mainly transformed from a shipping container. it can add more door and showcase for display and sales. you know a 20ft or 40ft container shop area is very circumscribed, in order to enlarge the area, it’s necessary to add some hydraulic system two openings the whole length sides. in addition, the top part also can do a second floor. it’s very helpful to Increase the whole shop area.

For the container inside with add some wooden counter, floor, ceiling, display wall and more. it can customize based on your ideas. for the whole container price ranges is $17,000-32,000.

5.Coffee booth.

Coffee booth is the same as the coffee kiosk, just is the different called in a different country. usually is in small size with ceiling decoration, such as 2m by 2m, 3m by 2m, it can be used in mall or outdoor. General use of closed or closed board sales methods. have big windows for sale. the price is $5,000-9,000.

6.Mobile coffee trailer.

The food trailer is a versatile nourishment business idea, where an enormous trailer is outfitted with a kitchen to prepare and serve sustenance.

The mobile food trailer is a very Portable food sale option. usually, the size is 3m by 2m, the basic material is Stainless steel, the surface can add some poster and painting. the top part will with traction. can connect a truck move it to everywhere. The reference price is $7,500-11,000. stand.

The food stand is a very mini coffee service, usually is the 450-600mm length, it can put a coffee machine, Cup divider, and straw storage area. it can be used in the shopping center or own coffee store. one piece is about $500-750.

8. Coffee cart.

The coffee cart is a good choice to an Original entrepreneur. If you only have a budget of about $3,000. start a coffee cart will is a good option.
general a cart size is 2200X600x2400mm.

There have three types for the cart finished.

1.Plywood+laminate. 2.MDF+baking painting finished. 3.Stainless steel. ( can be used for outdoor).

9.Mobile coffee bike

A food bike mainly to prepare and sell street food to passers-by. is a mobile kitchen set up on the street. It often found in cities worldwide selling food and drinks.

Usually, the coffee cart body is 1.2-1.8m length. match a three whole bike. it’s very nice to ride it everywhere. the build cost is about $3,500-5,000 counter.

Coffee counter mainly located in a coffee store or shopping center, it usually is customized based on the located space. it can is “U” shape, “L” shape, ” C” shape, “S” shape. square, round, and more. the length can be 1.2m,2m, or 3m. it’s can customize. so the price fluctuates a lot. is about $1,500-7,300.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope the above information is helpful for your coffee shop business build.

In fact, we unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of food kiosk and bar counter. if you’re interested to see more related details, also can directly contact us, or visit our website, just share your ideas and requirement, We can help you build the most reasonable and optimal design, welcome inquiry!

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