How to start a juice shop business?

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What’s the most popular service in 2019? The answer is unquestionable. juice and beverages service is a good choice to start your food business.
to be sound is on-pattern throughout the entire year. What could be more advantageous than a glass of newly crushed juice? Amid a sweltering summer, your place speaks to paradise on earth with its new, chilly beverages, while in the winter it’s progressively similar to a nutrient revive point.

juice bar kiosk in mall

For most businesses. choice a small kiosk to start his juice shop project is a very good service. Another edge is that notwithstanding sensible startup speculations, the rivalry is very low as well. On the off chance that you open a bar on a prime site with high pedestrian activity, you’ll see the solid interest. The enormous in addition to is that you can progressively enter extra positions and grow your range to expand benefits.

1. Find a prime location for your juice bar kiosk.

It is very advantageous for your business to choose a golden area with dense crowd flow. such as malls, offices, hospitals, hotels, colleges, athletic clubs, government buildings, airports, grocery stores, and large department stores. it no needs very bigger, must keep there has enough guest request.

In mall- juice bar kiosk.

Usually in mall juice bar kiosk is in small size, The most common size is 3x3m, 5x3m. is a square shape. arc-shaped and others.

usually the mall will have a requirement for the whole kiosk build, such as the material, Height limit and color choose.

Material: many malls will ask to use fire retardant MDF, fire retardant plywood, 2PAC painting. fireproof finished. ( Formica wilsonart). Corian countertop or 304stainless steel countertop.

Height limit: Like westfiled and Simon mall, they not allow the kiosk height more than 2.4m.

Outside – outdoor juice shop:

The construction of outdoor pavilions is less strict. the size and inside counter build can according to your ideas. Because of the weather, we have to consider that the whole store should be waterproof and sunproof. this is why so many outdoor kiosks use stainless steel as the basic material. of course, plywood match aluminum-plastic panel also is a good choice for outdoor juice shop.

Nowadays, you will notice there have many container food shops appear. this is a very Innovative mobile food stores. The structure is very strong,
Long life, can be moved as a whole, generally located on the beach, street, and other crowded places.

2. Confirmed the juice shop style and make a 3d design.

Almost all the shop owner will do a 3d design before starting to build it. it’s very easy to see the whole store spot effects. according to the whole shop floor plan to make a layout. confirmed the sale area, seating area, working area.

The next is the whole store colour collocation, you can according to the the whole mall decoration or the store outside environment to choose it. Match it to the colour of the ceiling and floor.

3. Publicity and advertising

If your juice shop is a famous franchise chain brand, Has a certain influence, will not need more time to do the publicity, But a small amount of advertising is necessary. This can be done through fliers, posters, and recommendations on social platforms.

4. High quality service.

The standard of a successful store must be high-quality products and excellent service.

  1. Regularly launch new products to provide customers with an innovative experience.
  2. Introduce some new discount packages as appropriate.
  3. Clean, quiet dining environment.

Above is some viewpoint of mine for how to build a juice shop. hope is helpful for your food shop project. we are Unique furniture is a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on the mall food kiosk design and production for more than ten years. if there have more question or interested to build a juice shop. please contact us here!

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