How to install a mall retail kiosk stands? 

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Nowadays, mall kiosk service is more and more popular? so many businessmen start his business in a small kiosk. such as food kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, cell phone kiosk, watch kiosk salon kiosk, and jewelry kiosk. In order to save costs and make high-quality products, many merchants choose to import from China. However, due to the long distance, suppliers can not directly go to the local organization to install. I believe like an entrepreneur, how to correctly install a kiosk is a big problem, Are you bothered by this?

mall juice tea kiosk

Mall Kiosk not like Table and chair, in order to easy shipment, will make it is Completely disassembled into a panel, need screws to fix. As a kiosk designer and expert. we mainly work on the different types of mall kiosk build.  actually, A complete kiosk will add some lightbox, Logo, light, TV, and glass display showcase. In order to easily install it.

We had to cut the whole counter into several parts because of the long transportation time. For ease of installation, such as the sink, cabinet door, drawers, lightbox. All of these already finished install in our factory.

Below is more types introduce about the mall kiosk install.

1: Open the package and Relocate.

When you received the package. The first step is to open the wooden box. Must careful not make the inside counter and glass broken,you may need a hammer to help you Pry it.

And then find the kiosk design and drawings, there have floor plan draw. Signs Mark1,2,3,4,5,6…… you just need find the each part , you just need to find the numbered cabinet and put them together.

2. Light box and poster install.

Almost all kiosk will have some menu light box and poster for display themselves product. Many guest will choose provide light box images to the supplier, so, we can directly put the images on the light box inside. If not, you just need add or change the inside images in your local. It’s very easy.

3: Connect the wire.

On the drawings have a special circuit diagram, you can find where have the mainly power supply, Socket and electric box located. At the same time, you can find the each part counter bottom will have a small round shape hole. There have mainly electric wire , maybe also have a wire for led light. You will find corresponding wire to connect it.

4: Water system connection.

For the mall food kiosk, water provide is necessary, all food kiosk will provide sink, double sink, there even need add three hole sink In USA mall.

If just have have a small sink provide, many guest choose use water system, with clean water bucket, sewage bucket and water pump,there will no need more install in your local.

If you use a lot of water, just a small water system is not enough to used. there will need a water Pipe to connect the local water headwaters. When we production it, we will confirmed the headwaters located. Try Make the sink closed to it. And the counter bottom we will make a special hole for through pipe.

5. Connect the local power supply.

All food kiosk will have a mainly wire, when we product it already consider the located. It’s very nearest the local power supply. The Last step is connect the mainly wire, and the whole kiosk can work.

Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall retail kiosk and display fixtures for more than ten years. If you’re interested to start your own mall kiosk business or any retail display fixtures display, just need to share your ideas and your local size, we will help you and provide the best design option. Contact us here for more information.

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