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What do the top, middle and bottom notes mean in perfume? Perfume is generally divided into the top note and the afternote, the top note is the first scent you smell when you come into contact with the perfume, the middle note is displayed after the top tone disappears, the afternote is the front and middle note disappear, the fragrance left by the perfume mixes the taste of the skin again, at this time we call it the afternote of the perfume. Firstly, let’s look the top note of perfume.

The top note of perfume

The top note in perfume refers to the first scent we smell after the perfume is sprayed, and it is also our initial impression of a perfume. The aroma of the top note is emitted by volatile essential oils, which generally only lasts a few minutes, and the taste is relatively fresh. Generally speaking, the top notes of perfumes on the market are mostly floral or citrus essential oils.

The middle note of perfume

The middle note in the perfume is the most important part of a bottle of perfume, which is more complicated, because it reflects the style of the whole bottle of perfume, and the durability is longer. It determines the fragrance of the whole bottle. After the pre-modulation volatilization, the fragrance of the middle tone begins to come out, and the fragrance of the middle tone lasts a longer time, can reach a few hours or even longer, and is the essence of a perfume.

The afternote of perfume

However, relative to the middle note, some perfumes retain the post-tone time longer than the middle note, sometimes, the next day also smell the smell of perfume, that is generally the perfume after the note. The afternote in the perfume is the aftersmell, and the afternote begins to appear at the end of the middle tone fragrance, and the afternote fragrance is mostly composed of aromatic substances and animal flavors, and the afternote lasts for a long time, and some can even be as long as several days.

These are the top note and middle note and afternote of perfume. Every perfume with the same taste, sprayed on different people, and the final tone is not the same. When we choose perfume, we must choose these three tones are more obvious perfume, so that you will feel more wonderful when you taste these tastes.

Why do perfumes have top note, middle note, and afternote?

The reason why perfume has a top, middle and after note is mainly because the volatilization rate of essential oils is different. A bottle of perfume will use a variety of essential oils, and different essential oils in the air volatilize at different rates, some can stay fragrance for a long time, such as sandalwood fragrance, fragrance can last a long time; But some scents are fleeting, such as citrus scents, which start out fresh and then fade away quickly.Therefore, there are three stages of fragrance in the perfume, which can also make the perfume taste more rich without losing the sense of layer.

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Precautions for perfume preservation:

1.Place of storage

The perfume should be store in a cool place, avoid hot air and light, if the perfume is place at high temperature, the perfume tone and fragrance will change, if you want to preserve the perfume for a long time, you can use outsourcing paper wrapped in the perfume, place in the refrigerator.

2.Avoid rocking

Try to avoid rubbing and gently shaking the perfume bottle.

3.Keep your hands clean

Do not touch the mouth of the bottle directly with dirty fingers, which may destroy the taste of the perfume.

4.Tighten perfume cap

After the perfume is use, the bottle cap must be tighten to avoid the perfume aroma volatilization.

5.Storage upside down

Can be store upside down, to avoid air through the bottle mouth into the bottle.


How to try perfume?

The only proper way to try a perfume is to try it yourself. Spray it on the inside of your wrist, wait half a minute, and then try to smell it. Then leave the perfume counter, wait at least half an hour to an hour later, and try to feel the smell of the perfume on your skin before you can make a decision. The average person’s nose can distinguish up to three perfumes in a short period of time, so don’t try more than three at a time. If after smelling a few, you feel that your nose has been numb to the smell of perfume, you can smell fresh coffee beans in order to restore the sense of smell. Good perfume retailers stock fresh coffee beans for customers to use.

When you buy perfume, scent testing is also an important knowledge, when testing, it is best to spray the perfume on the wrist or on the paper, and then smell the perfume dry. Generally speaking, from opening the bottle to tasting for about three minutes, a good quality perfume has a three-stage fragrance, which shows a sense of rhythm from the front taste, the middle taste and the back taste. In addition, it is best not to try the fragrance when hungry, so it will produce a sense of nausea to the fragrance, and to be sure to know the first fragrance, before trying the second, do not smell between the two.

Wrist test

It can be spray on the wrist, at a distance of 20cm, so as to ensure that the perfume is spray, which helps the perfume to sprea evenly so that the fragrance is distribute, while less evaporation and waste. Spray and let it dry slowly, do not rub hard, it will destroy the aroma. After spraying the perfume, do not buy it immediately.

Because the perfume water is in the top note after the note, you just spray on the smell is in the top note, but the perfume mainly shows people the middle note, so after spraying the perfume, if you have time to go somewhere else to play for a while, around, and so on, the middle note is distribute, ask a friend to smell it (you have been in it, it is not easy to distinguish), Finally decide which one to buy. It is recommend to spray on the wrist, not on the paper.

Try not to use scented paper

If possible, try not to use scented paper when trying perfume, but directly on the body to try, because the perfume before, during and after the smell will change with body temperature, become a personal unique scent, and everyone’s body temperature and body conditions are different, so the same perfume in no temperature test paper or different people’s body, will emit different fragrances.

The first taste is our first impression of the perfume, but it will only be maintain for about 10 minutes, and then the medium flavor is the core fragrance and the real spirit of a perfume, so it is recommend to test spray for 10 minutes before deciding whether you really like this fragrance and are willing to buy it. Do not try more than three perfumes at the same time to avoid smell fatigue and confusion, spray the first perfume on the left wrist, spray the second on the right wrist after two minutes, and then spray the third on the inside of the elbow after a few minutes.

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