What are the principles for the design of a bubble tea shop?

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Nowadays, many people will buy a cup of bubble tea when they go shopping or on a date. bubble tea shops can not only satisfy people’s taste buds, but also bring people a good mood. Do you think opening a bubble tea shop is very profitable? I believe that many people want to open a bubble tea shop. To open a bubble tea shop, you need to design the bubble tea shop well. Let’s talk about the principles of designing a bubble tea shop.

What are the principles for the design of a bubble tea shop?

1. Easy to remember

A bubble tea shop is not a clothing or accessories store. The store design does not need to be too complicated. Pay attention to the color coordination and simplicity in the store. If it is a bubble tea chain store, it should have a unified logo, which is conducive to the rapid transmission of information and makes consumers remember the store more deeply.

2. Highlight features and attract customers

The decoration design of the external and internal environment of a bubble tea shop should be determined according to the scope and category of the products operated as well as the habits and characteristics of the target customers. The target customers should be firmly attracted by the distinctive business characteristics. As soon as customers see the appearance of the store, they will immediately stop to look and have the desire to shop or consume in the store; as soon as they enter the store, they will have a strong desire to buy and a novel feeling.

3. Serve the public and facilitate customers

Store design must adhere to the customer-centered service tenet and strive to meet the various needs of customers. Customers in modern society no longer regard shopping malls as a pure purchasing activity, but as a comprehensive activity integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and social interaction. Therefore, a successful bubble tea shop should not only have a rich selection of bubble tea drinks, but also create a comfortable purchasing environment for customers so that they can enjoy perfect service.

4. Design according to the surrounding environment

When designing a store, entrepreneurs cannot rely entirely on their own imagination or copy the designs of other stores. Instead, they should carefully conduct an actual inspection of the store itself and the surrounding situation, observing the direction of the flow of people, sunlight conditions, obstacles, and surroundings. The style and color of the store, and then the design is based on these specific elements. Only after fully investigating and researching influencing factors such as market conditions, customer needs, consumption habits and psychology, and the image and style of competitors can we figure out our own market positioning, store image and style, and understand what consumers think. Environmental elements of purchasing behavior to design eye-catching stores.

Customers will definitely like this arrangement of bubble tea shop

Key points of bubble tea shop decoration design and layout

1. When decorating a bubble tea shop, attention should be paid to the two aspects of order and boundary support. The former is triggered by order, while the latter is based on the needs of consumers. When designing, pay attention to the target consumer group and the flexibility of the seating layout.

2. The design of the bubble tea shop must have reasonable traffic flow lines. As a plane layout, various layouts can be arranged according to the intention, but certain rules must be followed.

3. Different materials and colors can reflect the particularity of the space. The plane layout of the bubble tea shop design is relatively simple, and the internal space is mainly transparent, usually set up as a larger space.

Design details of the bubble tea shop bar

1. The bar counter of a bubble tea shop is best designed to connect at least two separate business areas. The food preparation room of the bar counter is close to the storage room. The counter is set on the side of the dining table space, keeping a certain distance from the main line. , but it needs to be noticeable.

2. The background wall behind the bar should be carefully decorated. The background color should be coordinated with the color of the coffee. It should not only be able to store utensils and cups, but also be beautiful, so that it looks delicious.

3. The bar counter is the focus of the entire bubble tea shop design. Its planning and design must have certain characteristics, and it must be convenient for operation and service.

How to design a small bubble tea shop creatively?

Decorating a small bubble tea store is not a problem. bubble tea stores are generally geared towards students and young people. In addition to location being a factor, the decoration should also be in line with young people. Although the decoration of a bubble tea shop can be fancy, it should not be too extravagant. By changing the walls and the overall storefront, it can convey a cute, youthful and energetic way. Then there must be cute hand-painted murals or hangings on the walls, or you can use ready-made wallpapers. It is best to attract girls through overall cuteness. After all, the main consumer direction of bubble tea shops is girls.

In the decoration and design of bubble tea shops, it is also necessary to highlight the creative style that one should have, so that people can feel the youth and creativity, thereby highlighting one’s rich store image. As we all know, for people who come to a bubble tea shop and want to consume, in addition to drinks, the environment in the shop is also very important.

In terms of decoration, the careful decoration of the store, as well as the specially made tables and chairs, and the planning of the beverage production room, will attract different consumer groups. If you want to retain customers, the first thing you need to do is to have your own unique style, and you must constantly be innovative in decoration. A unique design approach that enhances each location. In fact, when it comes to the soft decoration of small bubble tea shops, no matter what kind of choice is made, it needs to be done from the customer’s perspective so that customers can enjoy it.

After reading the above, I believe everyone knows what the principles of bubble tea shop facade design are. If you want to design and decorate a bubble tea shop well, you need to learn a lot of knowledge. It is recommended that you let Unique Furniture Company help you design, which will save you a lot of time. It will also make the decorated bubble tea shop more effective.

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