Top 10 most durable fragrances

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In modern society, perfume has become one of the essential accessories for many people. Perfume This fashion item can make your whole person smell very fragrant, and according to the different fragrance, the formula is different, the length of time is different, generally speaking, the fragrance of fruit fragrance and milk fragrance fragrance time is shorter, and flower fragrance perfume fragrance time is longer, it can not only help us send out charming breath, It can also boost our confidence and charisma. Choosing a perfume that lasts can be a daunting task. Today I would like to recommend ten perfumes that are recognize for lasting fragrance. Now let’s explore top 10 most durable fragrances.


1.The classic perfume of Chanel

Chanel No.5, this perfume is known as the representative of the Chanel brand, its unique ingredients and complex mix make it lasting, lasting. This perfume is based on floral and amber fragrance, lasting fragrance, giving people a noble feeling.

2.Dior’s legendary creation

J’adore, this perfume is based on the aroma of flowers, lasting for a long time, exuding a charming elegance. Dior J’adore perfume: Dior J’adore perfume was born in 1999 so far, ten years of youth, dense gold, to blossom art interpretation of femininity, for the world’s women to bring the most pure, the most elegant, the most pleasant luxury fragrance enjoyment. The round bottle with slender neck and luxurious gold ring is soft and rigid, unique and wonderful, which flies out of the fragrance symphony, to the pure beauty of Sabah jasmine, Damascus rose and ylang Ylang to talk about the characteristics of women, into the fragrance of evening jade, honey plum rich and tender, and then to sandalwood and vetiver to reflect the emotion of women, little by little is the pursuit and praise of elegant nature.

3.Hermes’ classic perfume

Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. This fragrance features a combination of fruity and floral aromas that are long-lasting and not overpowering.

4.Guerlain’s classic perfume

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune. This fragrance is based on the fresh aroma of grapefruit, lasting and refreshing.

5.Prada’s classic perfume

Prada Infusion D’Iris, this perfume features soft floral and woody notes, lasting and comforting.

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6.Diptyque’s classic perfume

Diptyque Philosykos. This fragrance is based on the aroma of figs, lasting fragrance, bringing a natural and fresh feeling.

7.Estee Lauder’s classic perfume

Estee Lauder Beautiful. This perfume features a combination of floral and woody aromas that last long and exude elegant charm.

8.Yves Saint Laurent Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Perfume is a particularly classic perfume product, emphasizing a sense of impulsiveness, with mysterious color adjustments to give people a hot and wild feeling. And even the perfume bottle is also very good-looking, the perfume bottle bottle simulates the shape of a jewel, with a black velvet ribbon decorated with a bow, the whole looks very girly, and the taste is also very good. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris is one of the best smelling fragrances of Saint Laurent.

As the first white Sipu fragrance, Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris has a very unique scent. It boldly uses mandala and patchouli on top of the traditional deep Sipu fragrance, presenting a super-modern white Sipu tone. The beginning is sweet and attractive strawberry, the middle tone of mandala is like a hallucinogenic drug, emitting a fragrance of quiet jasmine. The tail tone can be called “lost soul fruit”, the fragrance mixed with wood around your close body, the lingering fragrance is also very beautiful, the whole perfume has a strong sense of layer.

9.Gucci Perfume

Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur. “It all comes from my fascination with aromas, and my memories are mostly made up of olfactory experiences. For me, memories are stories about aromas.” Alessandro Michele said. Aroma exists in our subconscious, it is closely link to the fragments of life, those unrestrained joy, unforgettable love and uncontrollable sadness, can lead us through the memory, make the past again. Super retro green bottle with gold engraved lid, full of life, and I have to say this scent is really smell! Although the top notes of chamomile + bitter almonds do encourage retreat, slowly transition to the bottom notes, the calm warm wood atmosphere will be very charming.

10.Chantecaille’s classic perfume

Chantecaille Frangipane. This perfume is based on floral and vanilla notes, lasting fragrance, giving a romantic atmosphere.

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