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Nowadays, when you go shopping, do you find many jewelry stores with various jewelry display cabinets? This is a way for businessmen to attract our attention, interest and then go in and watch to attract purchases.

In large shopping malls, jewelry display cabinets are already the most important decorations to display products, so jewelry display cabinets are very important and want your shop to have them. Shop can better attract customers’attention, your Showcase production should be high-end exquisite to attract talents. Next, we will talk about the decoration of the jewelry store through the 15 years experience of the exhibition cabinet manufacturer in Fanlu Shenzhen.

The first thing to consider is the light source, which can maximize the value of jewelry. No matter how beautiful the jewelry is, it needs good light to set off, in order to glow its due value. How to use the good light to set off the jewellery business is the most concerned problem. When we decorate the jewellery shop, we must appear luxurious, and configure the light to create a harmonious and stable atmosphere, so as to enhance the effect of trading results.

The second is to create a good consumption environment. If you don’t feel comfortable in a jewelry store, you probably don’t want to stay. The environment needs not only lighting, but also interactive experience. If the overall layout is clearly divided into functional areas, such as consultation area, assembly area, service area, etc., create one-stop jewelry shop shopping. Finally, the display cabinet, customers come to your shop, walking, if two people can not walk in a row, do you think you like it? The narrow space is uncomfortable.

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