17 Principles of Jewelry Display Design in Jewelry Showcase Store

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Good jewelry store design is closely related to jewelry display cabinets , jewelry display cabinets and jewelry display and display are closely effect user’s  experience.  So here following are the  are the 17 important principles of in jewelry display cabinet design and jewelry store design.


Firstly, the principle of hierarchy

Normally There are 3 different height levels in a jewelry store design

1,Face up: back high, middle, front low steps

2,Side view: left/right, diagonal of oblique triangle as the display surface, that is, left from high to low/right from high to low; In the face of different circumstances of the theme to choose different forms of placement. Can be square decoration, also can be garden type decoration

2, the size of the principle of normalization

Jewelry display cabinets and commodities in the same level/group should be appropriately sized, and the gap should not be too large;

Similar shape/geometric figure to match that is matching;

3, the principle of category classification

Different categories of display cabinets to form different groups of display;

In the suit category, attention should be paid to the contrast and theme of different suits;


4,The principle of symmetry

Geometric symmetry ,Symmetry of different levels on the same facade;

About the same level, before and after symmetry; Dynamic and static, matched with similar habits; (animals);

5. Main line of sight display/main promotion display principle

The main line of sight is within the range of the jewelry cabinet height and the average height of the human body;

According to the main line of sight position, often make changes in display; Give customers a new feeling, do not cause visual fatigue;

Make display changes according to inventory and sales situation;

6. Principle of isolated classification

Different display counter and retail counter in a shop refer to different types of jewelry display. Make sure all the different element are in a harmonious circumstance.

7. Principle of change of props combination

Think about how to display the products according to the theme/material/color/category;

Use props or reassemble them.

8, color department principle

Display according to different color series;

Display by subject or variegated color;

Strong and weak contrasting colors

9. Display according to the style

Fashion; National; Restore ancient ways; The model; Korean style; Household, etc.

10 Display according to age target

The young girl; Little shu; A great lady. A vulgar point of view is to follow the family to the second generation of miss, married into the rich young married, slowly grasp the economic power of the lady.

11. Display according to the manufacturing process

Display changes depending on inventory and sales;  For the remaining single jewelry display stand of the same kind, can be combined in the form of sub-theme and sub-theme.  Select props or reassemble props.  European style; Korean style.

The vulgar point of view is to follow the family to the second generation of young ladies, married into a rich young bride, slowly grasp the economic power of the lady.   According to your shop jewelry purchase point to display  gold leather resin  appropriate manufacturing Result .Price labels should focus on not being too old and should be updated regularly. Check frequently.

12,Display according to material


for business emergence. Hold time, check the aforementioned items in time, and clean up and restore the traces in the sales process. It is also called the homing principle

13. Light guide: the principle is not to create shadows

Light used in jewelry store interior is very important. Let the light reflection guide the design .

14. Display of logos/labels/price tags

Logo/label/price tag must be displayed in front of customers neatly; Uniform direction;

The price tag should not be too old and should be updated frequently.

15, health guidelines

Counter hygiene; Commodity hygiene; Item hygiene; Personal hygiene and hygiene; (uniform, make-up, hair, ornaments, etc.)

16. Sales trace cleaning

In view of the business gap time, timely check the above matters, the sales process in the traces of cleaning and recovery, also known as the principle of return

17.Principle of innovation

Finally, this principle is the display quality that you will naturally develop after you have applied the above sixteen principles thoroughly. When you have learned all the above thoroughly, you will naturally form your own unique and effective display style.

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