Characteristics and Application of Glass display Showcase

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Are you looking for high quality jewelry display cases ? Characteristics and application of glass display cases

Characteristics of glass display cabinets:

1. High transparency: tempered glass is the most excellent polymer transparent material nowadays, with a light transmittance of 92%, which is higher than any of other glass.

Characteristics and Application of Glass Showcase


2, High mechanical strength: the relative molecular weight of plexi-glass is about 2 million. Which is a long chain of polymer compounds, and the formation of molecular chain is very soft, therefore. The strength of plexiglass are best quality with high strength, tensile and impact resistance than any ordinary glass 7-18 times higher.

3. Light weight: the density of plexiglass is 1200kg/m3. For any material with the same size.The weight is only half of ordinary glass and 34% of metal aluminum (belonging to light metal).

4, Easy to process with other  shapes: plexiglass not only can be used for cutting lathe, drilling machine for drilling, and can be used for acetone, chloroform and other adhesion into a variety of shapes of appliances, but also can be used for blow molding, injection, extrusion and other plastic molding essentials into the aircraft seat cover, small to the denture and denture holder and other various finished products, This type of glass can be best used on jewelry display showcase, jewelry kiosk and store fixtures.

Application of glass display cabinet:

1. Special glass display cabinet: including mold rack, oil drum rack, smooth glass display cabinet, network rack, climbing car, network compartment, six categories.

2. Light glass display cabinet: light perforated glass display cabinet is a general layout system, which can be widely used to assemble light material rack, work table, tool vehicle, suspension system, safety net and supporting framework.

3, Attic type glass display cabinet: fully modular layout, can accept wood plate, speckle board, steel plate, and other materials do floor, can be mobile design into the second floor and multi-storey, practical for hardware tools.

4. Corridor type glass display cabinet: designed for storing a large number of similar pallet goods. There are four basic components of the gallery glass jewelry display cabinet: frame, guide rail support, tray guide rail and oblique rod, etc. This kind of glass cabinet warehouse has a high utilization rate, which can be completed suitable for storage of large quantities, few varieties of goods, batch operations. Maximum storage can be provided with minimum space. In fact, with a large number of small varieties of goods storage operations.

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