Detailed classification for store fixtures display.

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Store fixtures displays usually play the role of foiling displays and setting off the space atmosphere in displays. The shape, color, material and texture of the displays must be consistent with the style of the display environment, the nature of the displays and the characteristics of the displays. The size and characteristics of the displays determine the form and characteristics of the displays. The retail displays should be selected according to the size of the displays and the size of the display space. We should not blindly bid for new and innovative display design, so as to make the display more competitive and influence the effect of display display.

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The scale and dimension design of the displays are in line with the requirements of ergonomics, which is convenient for viewers to visit and safe without causing visual fatigue. The display frame is one of the indispensable materials for the construction of the display stand.

There are mainly two types: skeleton type and display type.

skeleton class

The skeleton category refers to the supporting skeleton display tools such as hanging, supporting, fixing display boards, splicing joint display stands, display cabinets, etc. It is also the supporting model of the partition and ceiling of the display booth. The appearance image is a frame structure.

display class

Display racks are the brackets of displays. They have various shapes, can be large or small in size, and can be assembled in single form. The materials commonly used in display frames are wood, metal, plastic, glass and textile materials. The skeleton display frame is divided into two kinds: special display frame and standardized display frame.

The skeleton display frame is divided into two kinds: special display frame and standardized display frame.

Special display Frame

Specialized display frame is usually specially designed, one-time special display space skeleton structure, link parts are not easy to disassemble. Specially designed display shelves, various artistic forms.

Standardized display Frame

Standardized display frames are mostly made of light aluminium-manganese alloy, steel and stainless steel profiles, fiberglass reinforced plastics and other materials, such as pipe fittings, sockets, clamps and stainless steel, spring steel, aluminium alloy, plastic, rubber and other materials.

Standardized display stand can also be called disassembly display stand. It is composed of prefabricated components such as standardized beams and columns with certain section shape, specifications, length specifications and easy-to-install connectors. It has flexible disassembly and assembly characteristics, can install display layout, and can assemble display cabinets, display stands, etc. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, can be used many times, its shape is changeable, and its assembly is firm. Assemble it in a short time.

Standard display frames are mostly assembled by means of component connection. Common connection components include plug-in type, clamp type, brace type, hook type, bolt type, ball type and lock type. The selection of displays should be safe. Strong and safe structure, concise shape, as far as possible without complex line feet, decorations. The materials and colours used on the surface of displays should prevent glare and avoid luminescence and reflection through surface treatment.

From the point of view of economy and environmental protection, in a short period of time, the display will use as few specially designed special display tools as possible, so as to facilitate display, save expenses, select standardized display tools, facilitate assembly, disassembly, preservation and transportation, and produce fewer building materials waste after the display is withdrawn.

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