4 Reasons that affect mall kiosk price & cost.

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Every time I talk about the maintenance of product mall kiosks. Today I want to tell you about the questions of people who customize mall kiosks. Show cabinet manufacturers to tell you about the quotation factors.

mall kiosk price & cost

1.Number of mall kiosks – The quantity of your order. (most of the technology of mall kiosk manufacturing requires manual operation, even if some processes can use active mechanical work, there are as fast as 70% of the process requirements for manual manufacturing. At that time, when the labor costs of all industries in our country were rising, the price of mall kiosks rose sharply.

2.Materials used-commonly used wood materials are divided into density boards, splints and flame retardant boards. Under the same thickness, the price of flame retardant board is 2.5 times higher than that of density board, and the price of splint is 1.5 times higher than that of density board. This shows that different materials will also lead to high and low prices.

mall makeup kiosk design

3.Manufacturing technology– take the paint mall kiosk as an example, the paint mall kiosk made of density board has a low quotation because of its high surface smoothness, high paint plasticity and less labor cost.

4.Appearance and specifications –the general appearance of flat mall kiosk than the round and special-shaped lower price, because the round and special-shaped mall kiosk production costs more time, the difficulty is also higher than the straight. These are some of the factors related to the price of custom mall kiosks.

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