8 Tips on optical store display.

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To make a nice optical store , you need not only a nice display fixtures design ,but also a nice display arrangement. Today i will share you how to make the display perfect and professional. More importantly , all display should be customer friendly in using.

optical store design


That is, the eye wear display need to very outstanding, so that people can see at a glance, whose products can catch the eyes of consumers at a glance, who is the winner. displays need to be very eye-catching, large and lively, so as to attract consumers’attention and complete sales.

Maximizing Display

As much as possible to increase the number of eye glasses display shelves and sunglass display cabinets on display, the richer the products, the more competitive advantages can be highlighted.

Especially some lease rent is expensive store. The more you are using for display , the more money you earn. After all , Profit is the only thing vendors need to pursue.

Lower weight, lighter weight

Put down the big and heavy products on the optical display shelves and put the light and small ones on the shelves. This is not only convenient for you to take, but also very in line with people’s aesthetic concepts.

Vertical centralized Chen

People’s vision is customary from top to bottom, from left to right, product vertical centralized display, more in line with people’s visual habits, but also can make a vivid and effective display, so that product display more hierarchical sense, more momentum.

Brand Classification

As far as possible, display the same brand products with the same type of products, so as to meet the needs of different consumers, but also to increase sales, but also to enhance the image of the product brand, increase the impact of products on consumers.

Highlighting the Focus

When you display brand products, you must highlight the position of the main products, so that the primary and secondary clear, there is a contrast in order to let consumers see at a glance.

It’s advisable to reach out.

The best way is to put the products on display in the most convenient and easy place for consumers to take, according to the characteristics of consumers’age and height, to display products, such as children’s products should be placed below one meter, and so on.


When displaying products on optical display fixtures, all product labels should be unified and face up to consumers, so as to achieve a uniform, beautiful and eye-catching effect.

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