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  • What is the chimney cones ice cream?

This bears inclusion simply for the innovative food mash-up of a chimney cake filled with ice cream. What’s a chimney cake? It’s a hot, steamy, sugary dough roll which tastes pretty good on its own, but basically makes the ultimate ice cream cone. Looks very delicious.

This sweet treat is native to the Hungarian-speaking regions of Romania, but these local Polish lads have perfected it, while putting their own twist on things. If you’re not familiar with chimney cakes, it consists of a yeast dough thinly rolled and wrapped in a spiral around a spit, then rolled in sugar and basted in butter while baking. At Chimney Cake Bakery they make them right in front of you and offer 10 different toppings and fillings, including vanilla, coconut, nutella, peanut butter and – their most innovative creation – ice cream in a chimney cake cone. Enjoy this hot, steamy (hence the name) treat at their kiosk in the Planty (near the train station), or at Food Truck Square in Kazimierz. Cakes are 8-11zł, with ice cream (in summer) or whipped cream (in winter) 13zł.

Please see some designs for the chimney cones ice cream kiosk:

  • What is the major elements for our designer to make the 3d design for chimney ice cream kiosk?

Before our designer make the 3d design, the customers will need to send us the size of their mall location, like 10x10ft, 10x15ft etc. And if the customers have their own logo brand will be better. Then our designer can add on the 3d design.

The equipment list will be useful for our designer to make the 3d design. Like the refrigerator, Chimney cake machine and ice cream machine etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to open a chimney cones ice cream kiosk!!!

Contact us:

Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
Wechat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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