What is the popular size for a yogurt kiosk in shopping mall?

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Frozen yogurt becomes more and more popular in our daily life. And more and more people start their own shop. It’s a good idea to start a yogurt kiosk in the shopping mall. However, do you know what kiosk size should be better for your business?

3m×3m or 10ft×10ft yogurt kiosk

It’s a very popular size in the shopping mall. As it requires low rent and suits for 1-2 person to sell yogurt and ice cream. If you just start your business, it’s a good choice, because it can save much costs. As shown in the picture, it’s a frozen yogurt ice cream kiosk with size 3m×3m. This kiosk includes a display area, machine place, storage area, poster. We can make full use of every place. Do you like this design?

4.5m×3.5m or 15ft×12ft mall kiosk

We also made a lot of kiosks for the size 15ft×12ft. Because if you want to sell more than 1 product, you can choose this size. Like this ‘Froooeies’ store, it can be used to sell coffee, cakes, yogurt and crepes. And you can put machines on and under work counter. So we need to arrange every machine in the right place for our convenient use. If you have a 3D design about your own kiosk, you can place the machines the same as design shows, it will be much clear. Right?

6m×3m or 20ft×10ft yogurt kiosk

Is a little bigger size in the shopping mall if you don’t need tables and seats. If you have a size 20ft×10ft in the shopping mall, this ‘Dessert’ kiosk would be the basic design. It can allow 4-6 people to work at the same time. The cost of rent and hire staff is relatively high, so you can operate with your partner.

These are the popular size for mall kiosk, do you know how to choose a better size for your business? It’s better to choose a suitable size for your own store. Welcome to discuss your own store size with us. Thank you

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