What are the popular styles in donut kiosks?

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Speaking of doughnut,i am sure everyone is familiar with. It is a sweet dish fried with flour, sugar, cream and eggs. The two most common shapes are the hollow doughnut, or the closed doughnut with a sweet filling like cream or cream in the middle. Many people in the United States eat donuts as a breakfast staple and have donut day. Recently, the taste and variety of donuts have been developing rapidly, and various flavors have been developed.We can see many bakeries selling donuts. And it’s very very popular. On the one hand, it is delicious, but on the other hand, its shape and color are very nice. It looks very attractive. It’s not just the shops now, many of the food kiosks in the malls are selling sweet doughnuts. They have many type, their size, color and shape are different. But they all do the same thing, they all can display doughnuts. Today i would like to show you some popular style doughnut kiosks.

1.Retro Style

This kiosk is relatively small in size. The surface is treated with wood grain.There are two donut display areas. The front counter is glass display cabinet. It can show existing sweet donuts. The back side is wall glass display cabinet. Use warm light to make it look more like a work of art. Combine it with the circular sign next to it for a retro look. The external refrigerator display is visible to the guests, not only allowing the customer to choose, but also making reasonable use of the limited space. If conditions permit, you can also be some desks and chairs. Because most guests prefer to have a place to rest. Whey they buy your donut,instead of standing on the street. She can sit on the chair you prepared, and if the taste is ok, she may buy it again. If you don’t have many space, and you like this one, you can choose this type.

2. Cute Style

This one is cute. The kiosk body has some flower patterns. Young children and girls will prefer this style. Both sides of its front and back are displayed in glass. It can put many donuts. The top display makes it look like a beautiful little house. The top function can also show the logo and some decoration. Such as the balls shown in the kiosk above. The shape of this kiosk is also a kind of special polygon. If you like this cute one or your target customers are children or girls, you can choose this one.

3. Modern Style

This one mostly displayed in glass.Customers can see the variety and shape of donuts clearly and in large areas. A row of cabinet serves as a cashier and service area. A small cabinet serves as a sink. Donuts are sweet and it’s sticky. we cannot help touching it when packing. Then you need to use the sink to wash your hands. In general, a sink in the food kiosk is essential. If you have a wide variety of donuts and you like the modern style. You can make a similar one.


The kiosks of a few kinds of styles above is more welcome. It’s pretty common, you can customize it according to your own situation. Choose the style you like, if you don’t like anything, you can describe what kind of kiosks you need. They are all customizable. If you want to build your kiosk, you can contact us. We are professional mall kiosks manufacturer, we can design and customize the kiosk for you. Looking forward to your consultation.

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