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The retail kiosk is changing with people’s demand. Although it is only a supporting role, only the main character’s play is not called a play. Commodity is the product of the development of social productivity and scientific and technological level. Essentially, it embodies the evolution of history and the progress of human society. As an information medium between commodities and consumers, jewellery kiosks must also have distinct characteristics of the times.

Use the right color is very important in kiosk design

Colors are dynamic. Warm color system is easy to produce a sense of relaxation in human psychology, cold color system is generally easy to produce a sense of contraction. Using the characteristic of temperature in color, we can make full use of this psychological characteristic in the theme characteristics of retail kiosk products. Such as refrigerators, fans, air conditioners and other household appliances, its function is refrigeration. Therefore, the use of people to see the cold color will produce cold, cool association, the use of dark red tone with bright metal decoration mosaic booth, and the surrounding environment formed a strong contrast. In this strong contrast, the more eye-catching jewelry kiosks, so that the exquisite and noble exhibits more prominent.

food kiosk in mall
food kiosk design

Color plays a very important role in the design elements of food kiosk. Only by grasping the use of color, can we achieve first-class display effect! We must deeply understand the concept of food kiosk production and explore new and innovative ideas.

If there is no experience in the field installation of display cabinets, then it is likely to be busy with minor errors in the installation time, and if there is a big error, it may be necessary to change the plan.

However, if we communicate with the construction unit in design and construction in advance, we can not only save resources, but also establish the image of “high quality, high efficiency” of the construction enterprise. Cost concept, space-time concept, ecological concept, etc.

Shop retail kiosk cabinet production and site construction should pay attention to many details of the problem, pay attention to details can lead to many unnecessary losses.

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