How to classify jewelry display fixtures ?

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Jewelry display cabinet refers to the counter used to display jewelry. It is divided into glass, metal, wood and other materials. Generally, our jewelry stores display cabinets are: gold jewelry, jade jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and antique jewelry, etc. The design principles are basically the same, but the characteristics of each jewelry kiosk are different.

Gold jewelry category : Gold jewelry is the most sought-after wedding jewelry with exquisite workmanship and luxurious wear. With the annual growth of gold jewelry sales, it also promotes the development of the display cabinet industry. From the initial single display, to the present, the overall artistic design awareness and anti-theft technology perfection all reflect the development of modern technology and drive the entire industrial chain.

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Jewelry display categories by products

Gemstones category : gemstones have more components than other metal minerals, such as ruby, sapphire, diaspore, banyan, garnet, tourmaline, etc. All the above gems are known as fashion items, so most of the Jewelry display cabinets are fashion design variables, such as bright, concise color atmosphere.

Collection category : There are many museums all over the country, but there are few jewelry museums, and even fewer private jewelry museums. Collection jewelry is to let young people know about jewelry knowledge and the potential value of jewelry. Collection and jewelry are rare. In the design of display cabinet, spacious perspective and lighting design are of great importance.

Jade ware category: Chinese people’s love for jade ware has existed since ancient times, and the degree of love is no less than that of other kinds of jewelry `gentleman without reason does not go away’is a virtue of ancient jade ware. In today’s rapid development era, jade has always been blended in the fields of culture, art, religion and other fields with its unique charm. In the design of display cabinets, most of them use retro, elegant and other design techniques to reflect modern times. People’s aesthetic interest in jade articles.

In the process of making jewelry display cabinet or jewelry store fixtures , we need to consider many aspects, such as the culture of the enterprise, product characteristics, display space, etc. All these need to be well inspected and understood, in order to better integrate the display cabinet and products, achieve better visual effect and attract customers.

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