Why should we open a women’s bag shop?

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We all know that bags are essential for women. When we go shopping, we all must bring bags to hold our items at any time. Like mobile phones, wallets, mirrors, or lipsticks. In women’s eyes, the bags are a kind of rigid demand, just like an indispensable part of the body. Whether it is a women’s clothing store, a women’s shoe store, or some boutiques, you can see the figure of the bag. Of course, there are also many shops that specialize in selling bags. The needs of bags are particularly large, and their prices and styles are also very wide. People at different stages can purchase different bags according to their own needs. Why should we open a bag shop? First let’s look at some of the following data.

  1. A survey of 25-35-year-old women on current goals shows that, excluding vacation, travel, weight loss, and other non-material options, more than 50% of women regard buying a good bag as the most important goal in the near future;
  2. The results of the Baidu Data Research Center’s survey on luxury consumption show that the female group has more than 64% of people concerned about bags, which is significantly higher than other categories of luxury goods such as jewelry and watches;
  3. In the UK’s “Daily Mail” list of women’s favorite items to buy, bags top the list, and even shoes, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and other daily necessities with high women’s attention can not match it.

In fact, in terms of value, compared to clothes and other accessories, buying a bag is the most sensible choice because whether it is a backpack, shoulder bag, or handbag, it can always be placed at the center of the whole body when it is used. When a person approaches you, the bag is usually the most eye-catching accessory and the first impression that can be easily captured, and the bag is also an accessory that can be carried around without feeling cumbersome and deliberate.

Do you know why do women like to buy bags?

First, one of the most important functions of a bag is to carry things. Such as our personal belongings. Second, match our clothes. Sometimes an extra bag can directly add to our temperament. So a lot of times, women will buy different clothes or bags to match each other. Third, hobbies. Women have a preference for bags and lipsticks that transcends men’s understanding. As soon as a woman sees her favorite bag, she wants to buy it. So she bought it. Fourth, show off. Just as a watch is to man, a bag is to a woman a symbol of taste and temperament. When paired with a bag with texture and fashion, even a simple T-shirt and jeans can instantly improve temperament and confidence.

In addition, the bag also has a good collection of classic bags such as Hermes’s Birkin, channel 2.55, etc. After decades, it is still at the cutting edge of fashion. Not only does it not depreciate over the season like clothes, but the price goes up all the way. If you maintain it properly, a bag can even accompany you for a lifetime. Therefore, the bag is quite worth investing in.

It is not difficult to start a bag shop, we can choose a bag suitable for us according to our own situation. If our capacity is limited, we only sell ordinary bags. There are many types and styles of bags, and we have many choices. We can first consider who the main people are in the location of our shop. If it is a relatively remote, we can sell some relative niche, if it is a prosperous place, we can sell some more high-end. Regardless of the location, the demand for bags is great. It is easy to open a bag shop, it doesn’t need us to have a lot of expertise and technology. You just need to speak.

If you want to open your bag shop, we can help you design it and make display furniture inside. We have a lot of experience in this area, so we can make your store design very attractive. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

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