How to run a flower shop?

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Whether on a street corner or in a busy city, a flower shop always shines. But in fact, the florist is not as simple as you think, and gradually you will find that your flower material does not seem to be unique, flowers, green plants, bouquets and the market are very similar, serious homogenization, lack Creativity, in order to form an advantage, we have to fight the price war, and profits have been repeatedly lowered. How to create features, breaking through the encirclement has become the primary problem. Today I want to share some tip on operation a flower shop.

Make a business plan first

A business plan can help you realize it gradually. To open a unique flower shop, you must have a thorough understanding of your business, and then proceed carefully and decide your area of expertise. I think that it can basically be divided into three main aspects to consider.

The first is self-positioning. What are the advantages of your florist? You can consider the cost, location, brand, market, decoration, capital, floral techniques, etc. Similarly, what are the disadvantages and deficiencies of your store?

how to run a flower shop

Then is the market positioning. Market positioning and self-positioning do not exist independently. Market positioning should be based on self-positioning. Today, the homogenization of flower shops is very serious. Compared with other flower shops, do you have different competitiveness? Please carefully consider the following issues:

  • Where can you improve?
  • How to create “things” that are not in the floral industry?
  • What is your blueprint for development (idea, vision, measures, etc.)

Equally important is customer positioning. What kind of customers do you want to attract? What types of customers can you meet? For different customers, what different grades of products and services can you provide? Without clear and accurate positioning, you will become confused.

Branding route

Low cost does not make any sense to establish a flower shop brand, but the comprehensive value of services, packaging, floral design, etc. can help you enhance your brand image and profit. However, it takes a long time to build a brand. You can choose to join in a flower shop brand to save time. Before making a decision, it is better to conduct a comprehensive inspection, for example, talent training, brand atmosphere, etc. In short, it should be a unique business philosophy.

Make a composite florist

You can create your own unique storefront model, such as “flower shop + coffee”, “flower shop + bookstore”, “flower shop + cake” and so on. This method is novel and feasible, featuring coffee, bookstores, cakes, and flowers and plants as guidance. It can help you gain consumer recognition and win customers, which is also a good way to establish a special flower shop, but you should seriously consider what features should be added to your flower shop.

Focus on the flower market

The flower shop changes rapidly every day. In addition to being innovative enough, you must also learn more about flowers. For example, read related books and draw inspiration in time to make your products more rich and attractive. You can set a fixed learning time for your employees, and everyone can exchange ideas about flowers to ensure that the product is always popular

In short: how to make your flower shop stand out, you must have your own characteristics and allow customers to accept your products and services. Hope today’s article will help you open an ideal flower shop.

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