Why is stainless steel display cabinet a kind of high-end display cabinet?

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Most stores will use display cabinets to display products, not only for display, but also to foil the good-looking products. Fanlu Shenzhen Exhibition Cabinet Factory is a domestic manufacturer specializing in high-end jewelry display cabinets, jewelry display cabinets, stainless steel display cabinets, luxury jewelry display cabinets, cosmetics display cabinets, watch display cabinets, providing professional display cabinet design, production and installation in one stop. Type service.

In the process of sales, many customers will first see how the display cabinet decoration is, so what kind of material the display cabinet, as soon as you look at the past, you can see it. Is stainless steel display cabinet high-end, or glass display cabinet, ordinary wood display cabinet more attractive. Why do many people say that stainless steel cabinet is considered to be a high-end cabinet in the cabinet?

First of all, stainless steel showcase in the selection of materials, this showcase is mainly made of stainless steel and glass, together with other auxiliary materials to form a stainless steel showcase. Stainless steel as an alloy material, compared with other alloys, the surface gloss is more beautiful, and flexibility is good, easy to process, according to their favorite style and size of various machining, make a variety of columns or beams frame. In assembly, the assembly of the exhibition cabinet also needs fluent strips, glass brackets and various material laminates, such as various details shown in the figure above, using stainless steel as a combination frame, the laminates can choose materials that are not recognized, such as high density board and solid wood board; the placement of glass laminates uses non-slip stainless steel glass brackets, and the fasteners used are hexagonal screw fasteners.

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