Why can watches become luxury goods

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What is the essence of luxury? Why did you buy such an expensive luxury watch? This may seem like a big question, but it’s not hard to answer. Because the essential attribute of luxury is actually the social attribute. In other words, if there is no society compose of many people, there is no sense of luxury.

What luxury goods need to do is to meet this social attribute to the maximum extent. For example, the uniqueness and scarcity of luxury goods maximize the satisfaction of consumers’ purpose of distinguishing social status. Therefore, some people even “tighten their belts” to buy themselves one or several decent luxury goods.

In order to achieve and their own “high-end” or “quality” of the crowd “integration” together, or not to be “underestimate” by others. The more difficult it is to make a luxury item. The more difficult it is to obtain, and the more expensive it is, the more powerful its social group differentiation function will be. So that some psychological needs for luxury goods can be satisfie. And they will think that such luxury goods are more worthwhile. Obviously, unique, scarce and difficult to obtain products just meet their respective needs, one is psychological (buyers) and one is economic (producers), which is a virtuous circle.



Therefore, many big brands are sparing no effort to do this, you can understand this behavior as a marketing tool. When it comes to marketing, this is not bad, after all, this is also a more exquisite knowledge. And some marketing everyone is very professional in the study of psychology. Some industry experts said that Patek Philippe marketing is good, one of the important reasons is that Patek Philippe and some auction houses have a good relationship. The discovery of some of the old watch “packaging” is very in place. Therefore, in some of the more famous watch auction activities. Patek Philippe watches often occupy seven or eight seats in the top ten.

In fact, Patek Philippe has done more than that. For the new luxury watch, its marketing is also clever, such as Patek Philippe some rare watches even have to interview and screen people who want to buy it.

It can be see that uniqueness, scarcity, difficulty of acquisition, etc. They are all indispensable elements for luxury goods to be able to do a high enough force. Therefore, some big-name watches are constantly emphasizing their uniqueness. Such as all things are complete by themselves, including parts, assembly, decoration, inlay, etc., are complete by themselves. This is uniqueness, but also scarcity. If you pay attention to, dare to emphasize this point of the luxury watch brand is basically a big name. And, if you don’t believe me, or just to make you feel better. Some big names are even willing to open up their production process for you to see.

Therefore, many behaviors or marketing activities, one of the most important purpose is to let you personally feel the uniqueness of luxury, scarcity. And the difficulty of obtaining, only in this way you will feel that no matter how high the price is also worth it.


Ordinary watches are certainly not as good as the material of famous watches. In addition to the shell of the watch, the materials of accessories such as the strap, watch mirror, and hands are very expensive. For example, expensive luxury watches use sapphire crystal glass, while ordinary watches may use mineral glass or ordinary glass. From the material point of view, the cost of expensive watches is much higher than ordinary watches, and the price is naturally not low.


It is the craftsmanship of famous watches. A perfect luxury watch, with great craftsmanship. For example, blue steel Pointers, blue steel in the firing time to achieve uniform color, and this has extremely strict requirements for temperature and heat, not ordinary process can be compare. In addition, the process of the watch chain, dial and other accessories also needs to be complete by an experienced master. Come to Baidu APP to enjoy HD pictures


The movement of a watch is equivalent to the heart. The movement of an ordinary watch is not worth mentioning in front of a famous watch. Mechanical watches are more than quartz watches, and ordinary watches will choose quartz movements. In order to save costs, when polishing the movement, ordinary watches will not be seiko. But expensive watches in dealing with super complex movements, consume a lot of energy and financial resources.

4.Brand historical value

The big reason why many luxury goods can become luxury goods is that the history of the brand is long enough. It is precisely because of its deep historical background that the brand will be know by the public. For example, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other hundred years of history. And look at ordinary watches, there is no so-called history, and where is the value?

5.Added value

Why do many rich people love luxury watches? Ordinary watches are just simple decorations, while famous watches are not only luxury goods, but also symbols of identity, status and taste. Many people say that this era is too impetuous, and even use people’s psychology to create a “circle of friends show wealth industry chain.” In some people’s eyes, a luxury watch is a show of wealth; In the eyes of real rich people, watches show their economic strength and taste.

6.Store value

Luxury goods, like bags and watches, have been know to hold their value. Watches have a second-hand market, regardless of the preservation rate, but it is certainly a value, you can carry out second-hand transactions. And watches have little value, greatly depreciated.

7.After-sales service

Luxury attaches great importance to its own brand reputation, so it has perfect and mature after-sales service. The main reason why luxury goods are expensive is that some of them are in the after-sales service and the purchasing experience of consumers. The value of the brand of ordinary watches is general, and naturally can not be compare with famous watches.

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How to wear a luxury watch correctly

The wearing of the watch is a very important thing, it not only affects the appearance of the watch, but also directly affects the user’s feeling. Therefore, when wearing the watch, in addition to correctly wearing the watch, but also pay attention to the position of the watch belt.

1. Correct the position of the watch strap

First of all, when wearing a luxury watch, the position of the watch strap should fall on the outside of the wrist, that is, after the watch strap passes through the wrist, it will fall on the outside of the wrist. So as to make the watch more tight, so as to better protect the watch, but also make people more comfortable.

2. The correct way to wear the watch band

Secondly, when wearing the watch band, it should be woear from the position closest to the palm, then press the watch band with your fingers, gently put it through the wrist. And then adjust it to the right position with your fingers, and finally buckle the watch band on the outside of the wrist. So that the luxury watch band can safely fall on the outside of the wrist.


Finally, when wearing the watch strap, you should pay attention to the placement of the watch strap. And you avoid putting it on the inside of the wrist. So as not to affect the appearance and use of the watch.

4. The right size

In addition, when choosing a watch strap, you should choose the right size to ensure that the watch strap can fall on the outside of the wrist, not too tight or too loose, so that the wearer can have a better feeling of use.

5. Maintain the watch strap

In addition, when maintaining the watch belt, attention should be pay to the cleanliness of the watch belt, and the watch belt should be clean regularly to avoid discoloration and fading of the watch belt, affecting the appearance of the watch.

To sum up, the correct wearing of the watch strap should not only pay attention to the position of the watch strap. But also pay attention to the size of the luxury watch strap, and regularly clean. Only in this way can the watch strap be more beautiful, more durable, and more comfortable for the wearer.

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