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Before glass, a magical material, entered the museum industry, the museum industry once used various materials, such as plastic materials, but with the application of glass, this magical material was immediately favored by Museum professionals.

museum free standing showcase

In the early days, the glass used in museums was only the most common single-layer transparent flat glass. With the development of science and technology, glass tempering technology appeared. It can enhance the strength of glass itself to 4-6 times of the original, so it was also classified as safety glass. Therefore, tempered glass was once used by museums.

However, tempered glass has a fatal shortcoming at the same time, that is “self-explosion”. The so-called “self-explosion”, as its name implies, is that tempered glass itself will burst suddenly from time to time and from place to place. It is also the same fatal shortcoming that led to the sudden rupture of Zeng Wai-yi’s bell display cabinet glass, one of the treasures of the four townships in Hubei Museum in May 2013. The incident was a sensation, and the seriousness of it was enough to make every museum person feel terrified.

museum wall cabinet
Museum along wall cabinet

Finally, with the emergence of glass sandwich technology, this potential fatal danger can be rid of. Sandwich is a technology that uses an intermediate diaphragm to bind two layers of glass together, so that even if the glass is broken, it will adhere to the intermediate diaphragm, so that no matter the cultural relics in the cabinet or the viewers outside the cabinet will be harmed.

As a result, the real museum cabinet glass was formally born. Since glass entered the museum industry, it should meet the needs of the cultural relics system with the development of the times. Museum display cabinet glass is constantly updated generation after generation. The first generation of Museum exhibition cabinet glass, using the earlier common transparent flat glass as the main material for sandwich treatment, because of the limitations of flat glass technology at that time, the presence of iron elements inside the glass, making the glass green, although it can be fully displayed, but the clarity is general, and the color of the exhibits that viewers see from outside the cabinet will be distorted.

In mid-2005, another revolutionary product, ultra-white glass, was born in the flat glass industry. Ultra-white glass, also known as low-iron glass, is a kind of crystal-like transparent flat glass, which is obtained by reducing the iron element originally existing in the glass composition through technical means. With the application of ultra-white glass, the second generation Museum exhibition cabinet glass was born.

With the infinite exploration of various application fields and the innovative development of glass technology. The next appearance is “low reflection glass”, which is a result of changing the optical properties of glass itself. The application of the second generation Museum display cabinet glass, although clear and transparent, the color will not be distorted, but still can not solve the problem is the reflection of the glass itself. Because the reason of reflection, viewers in front of the cabinet when viewing displays. The glass always reflects their own shadow, and can not avoid, if you want to take pictures, the effect will be more serious.

Low reflective glass is the solution to the problem of glass reflection. Good low reflective glass can reduce the original reflectivity of 8% to less than 1%. Excellent effect experience makes it popular with Museum people. For example, the UNIQUE Museum (which officially unveiled the UNIQUE Museum in June 2014) has fully applied low reflection glass, which greatly enhanced the viewing experience. Then, the third generation Museum display cabinet glass, a new generation of Museum exhibition cabinet glass with low reflection glass as the main material, was born.

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