How to Design & Build a modern LED light Bar Counter ?

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What are the layout skills and precautions of the bar counter?  Nowadays, many families will design a bar counter when decorating.  A small bar counter can set off a good atmosphere, but people don’t know much about the layout of some bar counters. So it is necessary for us to study and understand The details are as follows:

What are the layout techniques of the bar counter?

1. Lighting design – The bar counter designed in the living room is usually planned by using the corner of the living room. In addition to the function of wine tasting and leisure, the bar counter in the two or three-family small rooms is mostly used for color enhancement. Its economic and effective way is to use the change of light to create a gorgeous and romantic atmosphere, install a few spotlights above the small bar counter in the corner of the living room, and then elaborately decorate with famous wine and chic wine cups, a full-flavored and lively bar counter will immediately be displayed in front of us.

2. bar counter stool – The bar counter designed in the living room is equipped with a special bar counter stool, and the high-footed bar counter stool is a scene of the bar counter. If the bar counter table in the small room is designed to be more than 1.2 meters, it needs to be selected. It is understood that there is also a kind of bar counter stool which can be lifted and lowered on the market. It draws lessons from the practical function of office swivel chair which can be lifted and lowered at will. The line is more concise and smooth, and it is very suitable for the home bar counter of fashionable and avant-garde people. Of course, cup racks and wine racks are also necessary, because they are space-saving storage tools.

3. In addition to the living room, some families also consider the design of extension and contraction bar counters with auxiliary functions in the open kitchen. However, this kind of bar counter is very different from the living room bar counter. The living room is the key area of the interior space. Generally, the decoration is very exquisite, while the kitchen bar counter pays more attention to the environment. The shape should be concise and lively, and rigid design should be avoided as far as possible.

What are the points for attention in the layout of the bar counter?

bar counter chairs can be generally divided into two categories: the central axis steel tube chair with rotating angle and adjusting function and the fixed high-footed wooden bar counter chair. When choosing a bar counter chair, we should consider its material and appearance, and also pay attention to its height with the height of the bar counter. Otherwise, it will give people uncomfortable feeling.

2. Cup racks and wine racks are also necessary because they are space-saving storage tools. Some families can also consider purchasing a trolley, with which food or drinks prepared at the bar counter can be easily delivered to the restaurant.

3. Sometimes, the atmosphere of the bar counter needs to be created by lighting, so much effort is needed in the choice of lighting. Generally speaking, warm-toned light is more suitable for sitting for a long time, and it is also easy to create an atmosphere. Yellow lighting is less eye-injuring, plus strong lighting, can penetrate the bar counter, so that the bar counter presents a bright visual feeling. If the bar counter uses a glass cabinet, install lighting and decorative lamps above its interior. Inside the back wall of the cabinet, a glass mirror is inserted to reflect the contents of the cabinet, giving people a pleasant feeling.

4. The light above the bar counter should not be too bright. In summer, the use of 15-watt blue light bulbs can give people a cool and quiet feeling; in winter, orange light bulbs can be used to create a warm and hazy effect; if it is a couple, you can also use pink light bulbs, which can give people a sweet and romantic atmosphere.

5. The height of each floor of the bar counter is at least 30-40 cm. The part of the bottle is designed to be placed obliquely, so that the wine can be flooded over the bottle stopper, so that the wine can be stored longer, and the depth of the cabinet is not too large, so it is more convenient to take things. bar counter countertops are made of wear-resistant and refractory materials. Artificial stone, beautifully refractory board and stone are ideal choices.

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