What kind of glass we use for the customize kiosk

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Most of our kiosk we use the glass, it is the main material we are using. Such as, food kiosk we use the glass to prevent water splashing. And we usually use the glass to make the shelves to display the products.

The thickness of the glass:

  • 3–4 PCT glass, mm is also called PCT in daily life. The 3 PCT glass we refer to refers to glass with a thickness of 3 mm. This type of glass is mainly used for the frame surface.
  • 2. 5–6 PCT glass, mainly used for small-area light-transparent shapes such as exterior wall windows, door fans, etc.
  • 3.7–9 PCT glass, mainly used for large areas such as indoor screens but also with frame protection.
  • 4. 9-10 cm glass, can be used for indoor large-area partitions, barriers and other renovation projects.
  • 5.11–12 PCT glass, can be used for floor spring glass doors and some large partitions of active people.
  • 6.15 cents or more of glass, generally less on the market, often need to order, mainly used for a large area of the floor spring glass door exterior wall glass wall.

The classification of the glass:

  1. Tempered glass. It is a kind of prestressed glass which is processed by ordinary flat glass. Tempered glass has two major characteristics compared to ordinary flat glass:

The strength of the former is several times that of the latter, the tensile strength is more than three times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than five times that of the latter.

Tempered glass is not easy to break, even if broken, it will be broken in the form of particles without sharp angles, and the damage to the human body is greatly reduced.

  1. Frosted glass. It is also sanded on ordinary flat glass. Generally, the thickness is more than 9 PCT, and the thickness is 5 or 6 PCT.

3. Painted glass. Itis an expressive decorative glass variety that can be painted, sprayed, screen printed or shower coated.

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