What is the difference between a shop and a kiosk in perfume?

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Many shop owners decide to rent a building, owing to the high cost of buying a shop. However, here too retail kiosks can prove a more economical choice. A retail kiosk is generally far smaller in size in comparison to a shop, as a result of this plot rent for a kiosk is usually lower too.There are the difference between a shop and a kiosk in perfume.

Size and location

The most apparent distinction between a shop and a kiosk in perfume is their size. A perfume shop typically encompasses a larger physical space, allowing for a wider range of products and a more extensive display area. In contrast, a perfume kiosk is considerably smaller, often occupying a small booth or stand within a shopping mall or other public space. Due to limited space, kiosks tend to have a more condensed selection of perfumes.

the location of a shop and a kiosk also sets them apart. Perfume shops are typically found in shopping centers, high streets, or specific perfume districts within cities. These locations are often chosen strategically to attract a larger customer base and to provide easy access for shoppers. On the other hand, perfume kiosks are commonly situated within malls or other areas with high foot traffic. Kiosks utilize their placement in crowded areas to attract impulse buyers and capitalize on the convenience factor.

Perfume products and customer experience

The offerings available at a shop and a kiosk in perfume differ significantly. A perfume shop typically stocks a wide variety of brands, including luxury, designer, and niche fragrances. They cater to a diverse customer base and provide options for different preferences and budgets. In contrast, a perfume kiosk usually carries a more limited selection of perfumes, often focusing on popular or mainstream brands. This narrower assortment is aimed at appealing to the masses and simplifying the decision-making process for customers with less specialized knowledge.

Another significant distinction between the two is the customer experience they offer.Perfume shops often provide a more immersive and personalized experience for customers. They may have trained staff who can assist customers in choosing the right fragrance based on their preferences, offer samples for testing, and provide detailed information about the products. Customers can take their time exploring various fragrances, testing them on their skin, and discussing their options with the staff. Kiosks, due to their smaller size and limited staff, may offer a more self-service experience where customers can browse and make quick purchases without much assistance.

The ambiance and aesthetics and price

Furthermore, the ambiance and aesthetics of a shop and a kiosk in perfume vary considerably. Perfume shops often invest in creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere to enhance the overall shopping experience. They may have elegant displays, comfortable seating areas, and attractive packaging. The layout of a shop is designed to encourage customers to explore the different fragrance categories and engage with the products. In contrast, perfume kiosks typically have a more functional and utilitarian setup. With limited space available, kiosks focus on efficiently showcasing the perfumes and maximizing sales opportunities, often through eye-catching displays and promotions.

Lastly, pricing can also differ between a shop and a kiosk in perfume. Due to their wider range of offerings, perfume shops may have varying price points to cater to different budgets. They often carry higher-end brands, which can result in higher price tags. However, shops may also offer promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs to attract customers. In contrast, perfume kiosks tend to focus on more affordable options, targeting price-sensitive shoppers. They may offer competitive prices or exclusive deals to entice customers to make spontaneous purchases.

3 different shapes perfume kiosk

High end white rectangular glass perfume kiosk

perfume kiosk

This one size is 10ft by 8 ft, the main color is a white color with a matte finishes effect. The kiosk body and hollow-out decoration in golden colors.The front has a large glass counter, it can protect goods well. The middle counter has 3 layers, you can set perfume samples here so that clients can smell and even try. There are 4 squared individual counters at the corner. Perfumes place on the countertop for clients to easily access. We can place a glass counter to increase the display showcase area. There is a cashier counter on the backside, it has a tall stand to show the brand signage. Under the showcases are drawers and cabinets to store more perfumes for sale.

Materials: MDF with baking paint. The body decorate is hollow decoration, add the light to make beauty and bright. Tempered glass has light lamps surrounding the cabinets, that show perfumes better. The floor is use PVC. It is popular.

Elegant white round shape perfume kiosk

perfume kiosk

This one size is 10ft by 10ft. This kiosk consists of five displays. In the centre, there is a big pillar. It has several holes and you could have enough space to display your merchandise. Each hole adds a black line around it. It increases the layers and looks more beautiful. There are two big light boxes that can show your poster. It has a better decoration and customers can have a better idea of your merchandise. The kiosk adds the light strip and spotlight. The enough light strip can fully show the charm of the merchandise and even make them look high value. There are three glass showcases. The glass uses ultra clear glass. It has better performance and greatly shows the real effect of the product. The shape is very special and it is not easy to find the same finish with the similar technical. The cash counter adds the hollow out luminance logo. It looks more professional.

Materials: MDF with baking paint. Its effect is very shiny and smooth as the piano lacquer. This process is very mature in our factory as we are the first factories to use. You could check the whole effect and quality as follows.

Luxury open style U shape black perfume kiosk

perfume cabinet

This one size is 10ft by 10ft, the front side is open style, there are a glass display stand on the middle. The perfume kiosk is U shape, the main color is a black color with a stainless steel effect. The left and right side are glass display showcases with drawers and cabinets, it can be put many perfume products, and the bottom and inside of showcase have the strip lights. The logo is 3d design. The inside of kiosk have a casher counter with drawer.These furniture can be locked.


We’re custom factory, such as size, colors, style, materials etc. If you are interesting in the perfume kiosks, pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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