Perfume play is very important for us to leave a deep impression. It becomes a part of our daily life and a profit business. If you want to open such a perfume kiosk, You are supposed to choose the matched style kiosk to fit your business position. Such as you sell high value products. It would be better to make a high end perfume display kiosk. There is one you may like.


This one features the high end and luxury design. The black and white colors are very classical and commonly used in the high end kiosk owing to their better decoration. You could feel free to use it to display perfume, even jewelry. They can perfectly show the biggest charm of your merchandise.

This kiosk consists of five displays. In the centre, there is a big pillar. It has several holes and you could have enough space to display your merchandise. Each hole adds a black line around it. It increases the layers and looks more beautiful.

There are two big light boxes that can show your poster. It has a better decoration and customers can have a better idea of your merchandise.

The kiosk adds the light strip and spotlight. The enough light strip can fully show the charm of the merchandise and even make them look high value.

There are three glass showcases. The glass uses ultra clear glass. It has better performance and greatly shows the real effect of the product. The shape is very special and it is not easy to find the same finish with the similar technical.

The cash counter adds the hollow out luminance logo. It looks more professional. When customers pick up here, they can have a deep impression of your brand.


The main material of this kiosk is mdf with baking paint. Its effect is very shiny and smooth as the piano lacquer. This process is very mature in our factory as we are the first factories to use. You could check the whole effect and quality as follows.

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