White color simple perfume kiosk design mall retail stall

Why do so many people like to buy perfume? Because perfume is a kind of lifestyle, it is a kind of means that dress up beautiful life or say is a tool.

The person uses perfume to be able to raise his grade, the self-confidence that raises him. Thus in some important public occasions to be able to behave themselves more appropriately. Achieve twice the result with half the effort.  

For example, perfume is sent to the other side between lovers, to express their own intention, the performance of their grade. Let us see a perfume kiosk design, it can help you a lot to start a business.



This is a really simple perfume kiosk design. It is white color matches wooden color kiosk floor.

It has 2 display stands on the front for the perfume. And a back wall cabinet with a lighted box and an advertising TV.

The front display stand is the lighted box with graphics and testers displayed on a clear acrylic base with engraving.

And for the back cabinet is the product display with adjustable shelves.



Choose a style – You can check on our website to choose a favorite perfume kiosk style. Or send us what you want, we can send some designs for you to choose from.

Design deposit – For a customized perfume kiosk design will charge a 300USD design deposit. We can discuss the details and your requirement about the perfume kiosk in the meantime.

Confirm the 3d design – We will send the 3d perfume kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days. Then you can check and let us know if need to change something.

Make the construction drawing – After you confirm the final 3d design of the perfume kiosk, we will make the construction drawing. This is for you to get approval from the mall and confirm all the details.


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