What is the design process for a yogurt shop?

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How are you, friends? Have you ever observed the interior design of the yogurt shop? How do they make you feel? Have you ever marveled at their beautiful design? OK, today I am going to show you what is the design process works for the yogurt shop. Maybe many people don’t understand why it needs to charge the design fee before they see the design or why do we charge for design. After reading this article, maybe you will understand. Let’s start it.

Yogurt Shop Floor Plan

First, when you want to start a new yogurt shop, you must sign a contract with the landlord. After you get to the shop, you will know the total size of the store. You can ask the landlord for the floor plan. So we can see from the top the structure of the whole shop and the size of the parts. You can send the yogurt shop floor plan to the designer, then he will know what is your shop structure. He can design your shop more accurately. Now let’s take this yogurt shop as an example. This is the yogurt shop floor plan:

First Design/Idea of Yogurt Shop

Secondly, when you send the yogurt shop floor plan to the designer, he will ask you what you want from the shop, then he will according to your requirements to design it. If you don’t have an idea, you can tell him what machines you have, he can design the machine model in your yogurt shop. He will design the counter, desks, chairs, decoration, and machines. All of these need to be modeled one by one. Modeling takes time and effort, because they also need to think about the model of the furniture and what kind of decoration to design to make the yogurt shop look more attractive. When they have finished, they will send you the first design for your confirmation.

Revised Design

Thirdly, as we all know, there are few designs that are satisfactory at one time. So when we get the design, we will present our ideas to the designer. Where do we think we need to modify, where do we need to change the color, so that the designer can help us modify it. For the yogurt shop, the basic furniture is the work table, which is the bar counter, where customers can order their yogurt. You also can show your yogurt here, just like the design above. People can see the yogurt flavors and make a choice. If you don’t like this yogurt shop color or you think this design is too crowded, you can ask the designer to change.


Of course, there are other things that need to be changed during this period. Such as the location of the furniture, the number of machines and other small details. This yogurt shop changed 6 times before the customer was satisfied. We can know that design is not a one-time thing. It needs our communication with the designer and the help of the designer. A good outcome can be achieved only if efforts are made on both sides. The designer gives his time and energy, you give the money. It’s equal. Now, do you know the design process of the store? I hope this article will help you understand more about design. And if you want to design your shop, you can contact us. We have our designer who can help you finish all the works.

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