What is the commonly used furniture in mobile phone stores?

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Hello, we all know that mobile phones are powerful, and there are many brands and models, which are constantly updated every year. The brands we are familiar with are iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc. We can see many of their specialty stores on the street. What do you think of those mobile phone stores? Have you paid attention to the furniture inside? Today I want to introduce you to the commonly used furniture in mobile phone stores.

1. Mobile Phone Stores Shelf High Cabinet

These cabinets are placed against the wall and are very common in mobile phone stores. You can show your mobile phone case or boxed headphones. There are many drawers under the cabinet, the storage space is very large, you can use it to store your inventory. There are light strips installed under each floor, which can bring enough lighting to our products. Each drawer has a lock and key, which can well guarantee the safety of our property.

2. Aluminum Trough High Cabinet

Every mobile phone store should have this kind of cabinet. You can hang the hook and show all the things you want to show, this can generally show the phone card or data cable and some other accessories. One hook can display many same products. Its function and shape are similar to the cabinet above, and they are placed against the wall. They occupy a small area but have a large display space, many people like to use this cabinet. We can see that it is also illuminated with lights on top, and underneath is a drawer for storage.

3. Glass Display Showcase

This is usually a showcase for displaying mobile phones. You can put different types of mobile phones in the display showcase. Customers can choose the style they like. After the selection, you can take it out and tell customers about its function. This kind of showcase is also very common. It is a combination of glass display and cabinets. It can have many shapes. This is just one example. There are also light strips installed on the top of the glass, so that it will look better when looking at the mobile phone.

4. Wooden Display Cabinet

This is also a very common one. When we go to the I Phone store or Huawei mobile phone store, we can see this kind of cabinet. It can display many mobile phones on it, and customers can more intuitively see its functions and appearance shape. It can show not only mobile phones, but also laptops. A slot will be designed inside this table to place the charging cable.

5. Reception Desk

I think any store needs a reception desk for office and cash register. There are various styles of the reception desk, you can decide the style of the reception desk according to the overall style of your shop.

6. Summarize of Mobile Phone Stores

As we all know, all furniture can be customized, we can decide their style, shape, size, and color. When we start a store, we can do the design first. And then customize the same display cabinet according to the furniture style in the design drawing. So that they can completely match our brand and store. Do you have your own shop? Do you want to know your mobile phone store 3d design? We are an export company that integrates design and production. If you have a need, you can contact us. We can make a professional design for your store and then provide the furniture you need. If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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